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What is a Leg Fetish?

Psychologically speaking, a leg fetish could be described as one having a high regard or reverence for a woman's legs- almost to the point of believing a woman's legs possess a form of control or power over another individual. Often misunderstood as purely sexual in nature, a leg fetish does not necessarily equate to a sexual fixation. A woman's legs and the accessories worn to bring out the natural curvature of the calves and shapeliness of the thighs- such as hosiery and high heeled shoes- accentuate the woman's legs and illicits a fixative, sometimes erotic response in men of all ages.

How does a Foot and Leg Fetish Begin

In the late 1800s, French Psychologist, lawyer and hypnotist, Alfred Binet believed that a fetish was defined as when an inanimate object of desire took precedence over the other participant during a sexual tete a tete. Over the years, the term fetish has also been applied to animate, as well as inanimate objects, for example, a shapely pair of long, elegant legs. A leg fetish may begin in the early stages of life, after an individual has experienced an event which conditions and imprints one's sexual orientation into the mind and forms the framework of one's sexual being. Often more prevalent in males than females, one who has a leg fetish may become borderline obsessive and willing to do almost anything to be allowed to worship a lovely pair of legs.

Some Men are Drawn to a Woman's Legs

Men with a leg fetish love legs. Some men feel as though they are drawn to a woman's legs and that her legs possess some sort of power or control over them. Their leg fetish may convince them that they need to be controlled by a woman's long, lean legs. The feelings that a leg worshiper experiences are a combination of their need to be controlled and a feeling that they are mesmerized by their Mistress's legs, therefore, unable to think for themselves. Their ultimate goal is to please their Mistress and provide her with as much pleasure as she desires. The leg worshiper does not wish to displease his foot and leg worship Mistress for fear that she may punish him and not allow him to worship her sexy legs.

Leg Worshipers are Attracted to Different Types of Female Legs

The most common belief among adult men and women is that when one is seeking a partner, they seek out only the most fit and physically beautiful partner. For a leg worshiper or one who is trained in the art of foot and leg fetishes, their preference may not be the assumed norm. Some men who practice the art of leg worship prefer longer, leaner and thin legs, while others prefer a more well toned and muscular leg. Whether you prefer thin legs or legs which possess more substance, the choice is ultimately yours. The key to becoming proficient in the art of leg worship and foot and leg fetishes is that you should want to please your Mistress. Your only goal should be to satisfy her- you will not receive any release from your submission until your leg and foot Mistress feels that you are deserving of release.

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