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The kind of man who likes a nice pair of legs is a rare type of man, indeed. And he's always the kind who has excellent taste, to boot.

The leg man is different from his contemporaries, the breast and ass men. Those men go for the obvious, the larger, more standout parts of a woman's body. The flashier parts, the ones that immediately draw the eyes.

The leg man, on the other hand, he goes for a more subtle part of the body, one that's less overtly sexual. It's not a soft, round part that he's after. Oh, no, his preference is a part of the body that's long and lean and sleek, muscular but not bulky, strong in that whipcord sort of way.

A man who likes legs is the kind of man who looks beyond the obvious, the kind of man who seeks out hidden treasures. And this is the kind of man I will allow to worship my body all day long if we both so desire.

A man who loves legs is a man whose attention to detail is impeccable. He's the best of all body worshippers for this very reason. So of course I would be willing to share my long, slim, sexy legs with him all evening long, bare, covered with stockings or pantyhose, or any other way that I choose.

Are you one of these men? Wouldn't you love to show me just how right I am about men like you? Good. All you have to do is call me to prove me right yet again.



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Introduction to Leg Fetish Phone Sex


by Mistress Erika of www.legsforever.com

Welcome to your introduction to Leg Fetish Phone Sex. Some may think the subject of leg fetish or phone sex, needs no introduction, I don’t agree. I know from personal experience there are many out there with a leg fetish without an outlet. Others who think they have a leg fetish , have questions and need guidance.

This is where we come in. Explore your desires, talk with understanding and enthusiastic partners who think your interest in legs is fantastic! But leg fetish phone sex can be so much more! Let’s take a look at leg fetish and the fun we can have together, with leg fetish phone sex.


Leg Fetish


Leg fetish can be defined as an extreme love, and sexual interest for legs. Many times it involves males interest, in female legs. Some consider any “Fetish” as an extreme interest. Which can mean your sexual satisfaction is predicated on the involvement of that sexual object. In our case – legs.

Some think this is bad, or wrong to have any “fetish” because they see it as extreme, and any extreme is potentially dangerous.
Potentially, is the operative word. With every continuum there’s a middle ground. You don’t achieve middle ground by repressing. Simple.

Anything can be toxic if you don’t have proper boundaries or the ability to balance other parts of your life along with your desires. That’s true for many things we humans get into. Drinking, gambling , sex, you get my point.

One way of managing your strong desires is finding an ally. Someone who can help you set boundaries, or even just to talk with about legs.


Is Having A Leg Fetish Wrong


Is your strong interest in legs, main stream? No. Also true is any people with any fetish, foot , leg ,etcetera, know their interests are not typical. Perhaps you have insinuated the extent of your lust for legs, or even confessed your throbbing lust for legs to a lover before. Hopefully that went well for you.

Unfortunately for many it doesn’t go well and you’ve learned to keep your leg fetish a secret. What then? Do your desires evaporate? No, they don’t. They can possibly increase in intensity because of your repressed desires.

This is why there is a need for Leg Fetish Phone Sex. We understand you. We celebrate you and your desires. We give you that outlet.


Leg Fetish Phone Sex


Leg Fetish phone sex can be a healthy and fun for men who love legs. Far better than repressing, and feeling that no one really “gets you”. The only question is how do you like your leg fetish served?

From sensual and sexy leg worship, to strict and humiliating , we have what you need! Your Mistress can even guide you to Leg play you might not have even thought of before!

Humiliation With Your Leg Fetish

Did I surprise you by mentioning humiliation and leg fetish? Some not all, have developed an association with their “shameful” desires and being humiliated for them is sexually arousing!

But don’t worry, we understand that humiliation is a sexual tool, a type of erotic stimulus. Being scolded, spanked or punished, even with tasks, is hot for you! Maybe you’ve been naughty and ogling my legs! So if your fantasy, or desires involves sensual to harsh humiliation just tell your Mistress when you connect!


More Fun With Leg Fetish


Along with the few things I mentioned above. Having a confidant experienced Mistress, someone who understands your leg fetish is one reason you call for leg fetish phone sex. But what other ways can you have fun with your desires for legs? Even some sexy ideas for your leg fetish phone sex session!

Stockings and Pantyhose

Dressing up those lovely gams with Stockings or Pantyhose is a must! Learning the styles, name brands and quality are all ways to show your devotion and adoration for legs. This is a fun way to spend a session, learning and shopping with Mistress, online!

Not to mention, you love stockings on me, but some of you love how they feel on YOUR legs! That’s right. having your own pair of sexy legs is very exciting for some. Being encased in that silken cocoon is sexy torment for you!

Proper Ways To Worship Legs

Many just think wanking it on my leg is a proper leg worship. That may be permitted, depending. Certainly you have a lot to learn. Learn well, and you might get the privilege to serve my legs with your dick.

But you start with your eyes. Worship their shape, length and yes their power. Your words of worship and adoration are received, as Mistress commands.

If you are good with the first step, perhaps you can advance to worshiping with your fingers and hands. Learning how to touch and where. Don’t tickle, you’ll have to start all over, and do it right! Tickle again, and perhaps there’s some penance to pay. Yet, massage to hard, and your in that same spot. You have to remain present and focused on her pleasure, to even think of moving on to your tongue.

Only the best pet gets to worship with their lips and tongue. The soft silky leg against your warm wet lips, or savor their taste with your tongue. Mistress is pleased she may even call on your cock. Lucky you. This is the worship many think of.

Other Types Of Leg Worship

From shaving, or waxing keeping those legs soft and hairless, worshiping legs in these delicious ways is torment for many who love legs. Of course you need to moisturizes them , during this leg care routine.

Write And Share Erotica

A great way to have fun with a Leg Fetish is to fantasize or create a role play around the subject. Some possible scenarios
1- Exposed!- Lover finding out about your fetish, and loving it!

2- Submissive – Your Lover finds out about your fetish, AND uses that explosive draw to a sexy pair of legs to make you submit to their power and make you her leg slave.

3- Tease and Denial – Your Mistress loves to torment you , driving you mad with lust and desire for her sexy legs. How much teasing can you take!

It’s fun in a role-play or fantasy call to go crazy, push those boundaries! Learning naughty trigger words that leave you dripping with desire, and reliving or creating your very own erotic fantasy, but ten times better with Mistress and her creative mind.

So if you are a leg man, and want to play, you know what you can expect in your leg fetish phone sex session. We look forward to hearing from you!


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