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Warm up the coconut oil. No, you're not using that for yourself, you're going to use it, to worship me. Specifically my legs. There is - for me - a very calming, relaxing effect from having someone rub down my legs after a nice warm bath or shower with exfoliation. To those of you who don't wash your legs in the shower - SHAME ON YOU. I couldn't imagine ignoring the first thing men see, when I'm wearing a sundress in the heat of July. Silky ebony legs just glistening in the sun, and smelling like cocoa butter and caramel. Your mouth is watering for a caramel syrup sundae now... I have that effect.

But don't lick me just yet. As I said, I want you to rub and massage my feet and legs, all the way up to my thighs and right up to the crease of the panties I may or may not be wearing. I'm going to stop there, before you get too excited, because the objective is my pleasure, not yours. I love when my body is worshiped, and a man (or a woman) knows just where and how to touch me. Leg worship is a good test to see how well someone is versed in the art of sensual touch. I especially like legs, because there are spots on the human body, that often get overlooked, when you dive right into the ass and titties, and what's between a woman's thighs. Some areas are more sensitive than others, and the best way to worship and learn a woman's erogenous zones, is to start slow, and to work your way up.

We cannot ignore the feet, even though this is a leg worship profile, the feet are the lowermost part of the body, and they are attached to the legs. So once that coconut oil is warm and ready, I will have you rub my feet, and work your way up my calves, over and behind my knees and then higher, and higher, and oooohhh. Purr. If you like the way I roll my r's, you're going enjoy serving me in an unforgettable leg worship session. I will leave you with your mind racing, until you call me, and then we can see where it leads. Perhaps The Ebony Femdom will let you rub that oil, other places. Just ask for Duchess Willow.


How To Have the Best Leg Worship Phone Sex, Ever!

by Ms. Rachel of www.legsforever.com


You’ve connected with the Mistress of your fantasies to indulge in leg worship phone sex. Close your eyes. Then, surrender your ears to Her erotic voice. Surrender your mind to Her erotic creativity. Your Mistress transports you to another world, where She stands on slinky stems before you in all Her glory, whether it is to seduce, to demand, to tease, or chastise. It all depends on Her erotic personality and which leg fetish makes you vulnerable.


Leg Worship Phone Sex: A Potent Exploration Of Your Desires!


In the world of your leg fetish, what is the perfect pair? What would you do with them, or for them, if given the chance?

Will you simply devour them with your eyes as She models revealing lingerie? You will hear the heels clickings and picture every pose of the runway show conjured just for you.

Do you fantasize about the privilege of administering a deep tissue massage? Your Mistress is laid out and glistening, perhaps naked, on the massage table. You know better than to let your hands wander to Her tenderest bits uninvited, though they are there, on display, to challenge your devotion to body worship versus your own libido. Knead the muscles in your hands as you dream of kneading elsewhere, even sliding in somewhere warm and wet.

We will craft a leg worship phone sex fantasy for you so real you can almost inhale the intoxicating scent of your leg Mistress’s favorite moisturizer.



Masturbation Leg Worship


Is She a spoiled pillow Princess who denies you entrance to Her pussy, but purrs prettily under your hands? Or is She benevolent, allowing you to rub yourself between Her toned calves at the end of your ministrations, if  you pleased Her enough with your service?

Maybe She’s even told you that you’re allowed to pay Her a creamy, shooting tribute, all over Her relaxed lower limbs. Maybe only if you lick it up when you do. It’s polite, leg slave, to clean up your mess if you’re allowed to make one.



Abject Leg Worship Phone Sex


Your leg fetish phone sex Mistress will hold you enthralled by the shape of Her legs.

Don’t be afraid to confess the exact dimensions and characteristics that enslave you, nor the scenario that most makes you tingle. After all, the more you confess, the better able We will be at crafting your leg fetish world.

Are Her legs powerful? Her stance spraddled with authority while you prostrate yourself before Her? Gazing up from below, your nose even with Her painted toenails or the pointed tips of Her spike-heeled pumps, do you feel both awe and trepidation? Has She informed you that you are not worthy of looking at Her legs? Is it the specter of the forbidden, rather than the sight, that secures your mental enslavement? You will obey, for fear of the punishment that awaits if you steal a glance.

Or does She command you to look, while you lay supine?  Up, up, up the seemingly endless length of Her legs until they merge, under Her short skirt, with Her round, firm ass? Or to the tantalizing view of Her pantied mons?

We understand your obsession. Furthermore, We understand your devotion. With words, We will uncover the essence of your delight, or your damnation. You only need to choose.


Does Your Leg Worship Addiction Include the Feet?


Shod Or Bare? Dirty Or Clean?

That is, does the leg worship of your dreams include a pair of dainty or dirty or even musky feet? Are they ensconced in a perfect pair of sky-high heels, all the better to show off their subtle, muscular development? Are they adorned with thigh-high leather boots or thigh-high stockings? Opaque pantyhose that reveal and at the same time keep from you what haunts your dreams? Or are nylons so sheer they look painted onto those dizzying legs the necessary accompaniment to your obsession?

Our understanding of the world of leg fetish is deep.  And, what’s more, We are waiting to meet you there. Voice to ear will be as potent as Our legs wrapped around your neck, pulling you in, controlling you, enchanting you, punishing you, pressing your nose to the nectar until all you want to do is surrender. Until all you want is more of Our leg worship phone sex magic.

All you need do is find your favorite Leg Worship Mistress and dial.


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