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Are you a leg man?

by Ms. Meredith of www.legsforever.com

Men have all kinds of favorite body parts that help to, shall we say, stimulate the senses. Something about a sweet heart ass may send one man off, while a bountiful bodacious cleavage will do it to another. But leg men are a breed of a different kind.

A man who gets hot over a pair of legs is typically a highly sexually charged man. He craves sex, and does not mind someone taller than him. He's one who likes not only to be dominated, but fantasizes about it. A long pair of legs will do just the trick here. You have heard the phrase "Legs for days?" Just think about that, paired with a huge sexual appetite, and you have an intense erotic experience.

How to determine if you are a leg man

1. When you see a woman walking past, your head spins if she has on a short skirt and her legs are on display as she strides by, leaving you filled with all kinds of sexually stimulating thoughts.

2. You find yourself wondering just how long those sexy legs are, and then picture them wrapped around your waist, as you calculate in inches just where that incredibly sexy knee will drop.

3. You get an instant hard on when you see a woman in pantyhose or stockings.

4. You like how tall she is. You are not intimidated in the least by her height. No, not you. It means more leg room.

5. You get an instant hard on when you see a bare legged woman in heels.

6. You love the apple of her calf as it flexes when she walks... and yes, you do watch her walk. Her legs, that is!

7. You get an instant hard on when you watch her slide on her lace top thigh highs. In black mist. You love how they outline her legs and showcase them. That image stays with you for days and you find yourself aroused every time.

8. One of your biggest fantasies is shaving those long legs. Yes, that among many others. But you would give anything to slowly, carefully glide a shaver across those gorgeous legs.

9. You get an instant hard on when you see an incredible pair of legs sitting in front of you, driving you crazy as she crosses and uncrosses her legs nonchalantly, without any notice to you as you stare, holding your breath as she changes position.

10. All of these scenarios end up with you stroking and getting off as you picture those amazing, sexy long legs in your head.

If you answered yes to more then one of these long legged adventures, then YES, you ARE a leg man!

But we knew that, didn't we?

Yes, yes we did. You are instantly attracted to a pair of long, sexy legs. Everything else is secondary. You don't really care if her breasts are big, or her derriere is round. You just focus on those thighs, knees, and ankles. That is enough for you and you can worship them for days, because she has legs for days... legs forever!


Are you Ready? I am Going To Teach You How To Be the Perfect Leg Worshiper...

First, let's explore the reasons why you want to get on your knees and worship my legs when you see me walk by in a tight miniskirt, stockings with garters, or maybe some sexy nude panty hose, 4 inch heels...The sight of me from the waist down makes you weak in the knees, doesn't it?

When you catch that first glimpse of my nylons, covering my long, lean legs, disappearing up inside the hem of my skirt, you go wild, don't you?

And if you're a true leg worshiper, your mind doesn't immediately turn to sex, now does it? No, your mind turns to the pleasure of being on your knees in front of me...or behind me...and earning the rare treat of being able to have unlimited access to my legs. To gaze upon them...to touch them, gently...to wrap your fingers around the soft curves of my calves and follow them upward...upward...

You kneel and stare in awe as I tower in front of you. My legs are captivating. Hypnotizing. I could control every ounce of you, just by promising you a moment of leg worship.

And I will, my leg worshiping pet...I will...

Enter and Explore Your Female Leg Worship Craving