10 More Sexy Things to do With a Great Pair of Legs


Having trouble thinking up new, inventive ways to worship your mistress’s great pair of legs? Leave your worry at the door, and prepare yourself for a refresher course in the art of leg worship.


1.Bubble Bath Bliss

Nothing spells relation more than a hot, sudsy bubble bath. Prepare your mistress’ bath water with lightly scented bubble foam, and create a smoldering atmosphere by lighting a few long burning candles.

While she enjoys the warm, soapy bath, ask for permission to cleanse her slender, sexy legs with her favorite bath gel and shower pouf. If your technique pleases your mistress, you may be lucky enough to worship her great pair of legs twice within the hour.


2. Moisturize a Great Pair of Legs

After your Mistress bids farewell to the warm, scented bath, assist her out of the bathtub by gently holding her hand. Immediately drape her short, sexy bathrobe over her shoulders, remove a bath towel from the warmer, her favorite body lotion from the counter top, and kneel at her feet.

Use a soft, slow, up and down stroke as you dry off your Mistress’ well-toned legs and feet. Be a good pet and ensure that you dry in between her slender toes, one at a time. Upon approval of your Mistress, apply a liberal amount of her preferred body lotion into the palm of your hand and rub your palms together to gently warm the lotion.

Begin to apply the warmed body lotion to her thighs. Only apply lotion to one leg at a time. Focus on pleasing your Mistress and massage the lotion into her legs with gentle care. Moisturize your Mistress’ legs and feet and become mesmerized by their grace and beauty.


3. Dress Your Foot and Leg Mistress in Stockings or Pantyhose

Once your leg mistress’ legs have been thoroughly dried and moisturized, ask for permission to help her step into her sheer, sexy stockings or pantyhose. While she rests her beautiful, long legs, kneel at her feet and place the opening of her stockings or hosiery onto her slender toes.

Use caution when you dress your Mistress in her favorite hosiery; use a gentle touch to avoid damaging her pantyhose.


4. Massage your Foot and Leg Mistress’ Nylon Covered Legs

After you’ve assisted your Mistress step into her favorite nylons, ask her if she would be so kind to allow you to massage her calves and thighs. If she allows you to succumb to your leg fetish and grants you a brief moment of pleasure to massage her legs, begin working your way up from her ankles to knees.

Continue to massage her legs, working upwards slowly from her ankles. Gauge you Mistress’s receptiveness before you dare venture further upwards. If you leg and foot Mistress shows any signs of displeasure, retreat to her ankles.


5. Dress Your Mistress in a Short Mini Skirt

Nothing shows off a woman’s legs more than a very short, micro mini skirt. Mini skirts barely cover her most private, tender weapons of sexual prowess, much less her long, lean legs. Buy your leg mistress a short mini skirt, or while shopping, invest in purchasing a variety of colors and styles. Pay tribute to your foot and leg Mistress by showering her with gifts she’ll be certain to wear to increase your desire for worshiping her sexy legs.


6. Enjoy your Favorite Dessert or Meal on your Mistress’ Legs

We’ve all heard about the top sexy sushi bistros offering a tray of their delicious delicacies presented atop the tight abdomen of a sexy model. Add a new twist to this popular phenomenon and enjoy your favorite dessert or meal presented atop your Mistress’s thighs, legs, or on top of her foot.

Is Creme Brulee your dessert of preference? Place the dessert in her lap, begin to lick her legs until you reach your delectable dessert. How better to enjoy your food if not presented atop your Mistress’s great pair of legs and gorgeous feet?


7. Create a Flowing Waterfall on Your Leg Fetish Mistress’ Legs

A new twist on the waterfall technique creates a brilliant and sexy display. You’ll savor your favorite wine, spirit, or beer by creating a waterfall that flows down her calf, off of her toes, and into your open mouth. Some coordination is required and you’ll savor your favorite refreshment as it flows down her sexy legs into your welcoming mouth.


8. Lick and Suck your Leg Worship Mistress’ Legs and Feet

One of the most common methods of leg worship is to lick and suck your Leg Worship Mistress’ legs, feet and toes. You’ll be surprised at how much she enjoys you worshipping her legs and paying them respect and tribute by licking her lovely legs. Your tongue can be your best ally during your leg worship sessions. Trust you instincts and allow your tongue to slither up and down her legs with a hungry and feverish force.


9. Shave your Foot and Leg Fetish Mistress’ Shapely Legs

Nothing pleases a leg worship Mistress more than having a willing foot and leg slave available to complete the menial, yet necessary task of shaving her legs. Use a moisturizing shaving gel or lotion to soften her skin and prevent damage before you attempt to shave her legs. If by chance you succeed in nicking your Mistress’s precious skin, be prepared for an evening of severe discipline.


10. Wrap Her Legs Around Your Neck and Shoulders

If your leg and foot mistress allows, secure her legs around the back of your neck and shoulders. Not only will you be granted access to her thighs and calves, but , you will also have the opportunity to gain close access to her silken inner thighs. Be mindful and control your excitement. You’ve been given access to her inner-most treasure, do not ruin it by your incompetence and lack of self control.

What would YOU do with a great pair of legs?

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