10 Sexy Things to Do With a Great Pair Of Legs


Great legs are something that should be treasured and prized for the elegant embodiment of beauty they are. But how do you show your appreciation? These 10 sexy things to do with a great pair of legs will have both parties at the epitome of pleasure.


1. Watch them

Admiring a great pair of legs is a thrill in itself, but this can be especially enticing with a woman who knows how to act like a sensual seductress.

Watch her as she shows off her legs, perhaps even dressing them in front of you, touching, teasing and driving you wild with those gorgeous curvy calves and tantalizing thighs.


2. Dress them

There is nothing more sensual than the air of mystery provided by a sophisticated, classy outfit. Whether you like your legs wrapped in skin tight jeans or silky stockings why not ask her to wear your favorite outfit so that you can tell her how amazing she looks.

Perhaps you could even help her slide them up her soft, creamy thighs and put them in place.


3. Undress them

There is little more sensual than being able to help a stockinged goddess undress her long and lavish legs. Learn the art of gently rolling or sliding her stockings down, or help her sensually slip out of those tight jeans.

This is a great activity for both of you that will allow you to appreciate her legs like a well wrapped gift, revealing the perfect present underneath.


4. Worship them

Leg worship can take many forms and it will depend greatly on the people involved. If you are new to leg worship, it is easy to start slow and see how much you enjoy it.

Worshiping can start with simple compliments, tell her how amazing her legs are and how sexy and seductive she looks. If you enjoy her being in control, perhaps kneel down at her feet and encourage her to instruct you in worshipping her legs.


5. Wash them

Baths and showers are always hotter with company and legs can be at their best here. It is surprisingly sensual massaging a soapy lather along her legs and gently rubbing them clean.

Try taking a wash cloth and gently dripping warm water over her thighs and down her calves, this can feel extremely sexy and allows her to relax and enjoy the sensations.


6. Shave them

It may seem unglamourous to some but this is the perfect bonding activity for you and those shapely calves. Shaving her legs is also a great task for any leg slave. Not only is there the delight of lathering her up but gently tracing the razor over her curves can help you appreciate the shape and feel of her legs.

It is important to practice and ensure that you get this right to avoid any potential injuries.


7. Massage them

Once those fantastic legs have been gently patted dry, grab your favorite bottle of lotion and get her moaning right away. Whether she likes it gentle or firm, a sensual massage is a great way to get her in the mood. Dripping cold lotion down her thighs and over her calves can add a contrasting sensation to her warm flesh and looks incredible.

If she does not like the feel of cold lotion, warm it gently between your hands before applying it directly to her soft, smooth skin. Start at the top and work down if you prefer to feel that she is in control. You can start from the feet and work up if you are tempted by what lies at the top. Using a flavored body butter or lotion seamless leads the way into the next step.


8. Lick and kiss them

If your Mistress allows it of course! The lips are one of the most sensual parts of the human body and most people are aware of the pleasure they can bring. Some of you may have to earn the right while others may be free to caress those thighs as they please. Either way, remember that legs have feelings too and just the right teasing with lips and tongues can have her moaning in seconds!

Start at the feet and gently lick, suck and nibble her toes, working your way up her shapely calves. The backs of the knees are a greatly overlooked erogenous zone that are deeply receptive to a pair of hot lips and a skilled tongue. You will have her thighs trembling in pleasure as you work your way up and who knows where it might lead!


9. Get naughty with them

If you have tried any of the steps above you will both be aching for more pleasure and the time may come to take things a little further. With her legs smooth and soft thanks to your adoring attention they will be just perfect to help please you even more.

She may let you rub yourself over her legs or stockings and feel how much pleasure they have to give. Perhaps she will even place them together and let you slide between them. The possibilities are endless with such long and sensual legs to play with.


10. Cum over them

Now it will depend on the woman you are with whether she will enjoy this so it is always best to ask first, but coming over those gorgeous legs can have an absolutely stunning effect. What man wouldn’t want to see his creamy cum lavishly adorn her thighs? The sudden, hot flow can have a sexy sensation for her too and she may even delight you by rubbing it in while you watch. She may also demand you lick your cum off of her legs. This can also remind her and you of the control she holds and what she may permit (or demand) you to do!

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