After Hours Leg and Foot Fetish Romp


I want to tell you about my amazing after hours leg and foot fetish romp. To begin with, I work in a major law firm in New York during the day.  Many nights we are required to work after hours to complete work on different cases. Since I recently graduated from college, staying up all night still seems a bit normal to me. In my office, there are usually around five of us that volunteer to work the extra hours on a consistent basis- Allison, Josh, Barry, Alex and me.

Barry and Allison are married and haven’t had any children yet, so they don’t become homesick for each other because they spend so much time together at work. Josh and I are about the same age, but he graduated from college two years early because he attended school year round. Alex is our immediate manager and she seems to be one of these older, bitter women who is mad at the world for one reason or another.



Mistress Alex Calls Me Into Her Office


One night, after everyone had already left for home and were most probably already in bed, Alex requested that I stay a little while longer and re-organize all of the paperwork. It had always seemed like she was picking on me for being the newest among the employees. It was around one o’clock in the morning when she called me into her office. When I entered, she was sitting on top of her desk with her jacket wide open. I could see all of her cleavage. It had been a extremely long time since I had sex, but looking at this woman’s body, I could see why the men in our office had a thing for her.

“Ellis, honey, take a break from all of that paperwork and come over here and give me a foot massage,” she said.

“A foot massage,” I mumbled under my breath. I didn’t sign up for this. Placing my stack of paperwork down onto her desk, I grabbed the closest office chair available and rolled my chair in front of her.

“I cannot believe this,” I thought to myself.



Her Feet and Toes Were Divine


I raised her right foot onto my lap, and took off her shoe. She had the best looking feet I had ever seen in my entire life. Her toes were long, slender and absolutely perfect. I could tell by the brilliance of her toenail polish that she recently received a pedicure. Her color selection complemented her skin and toes. It was perfect. Her feet were amazingly soft. I don’t know how she managed to maintain such beautiful feet after standing on her feet for hours every day.

I began massaging her feet, and she immediately threw her head back in sheer pleasure. Every now and then she’d let out a small moan.  I knew then that she was satisfied with my technique. Ten minutes later, I realized that I felt a little warm.  That I was turned on simply by massaging her feet and legs and listening to her moan. I felt intoxicated.



She Nurtured My Leg and Foot Fetish


“Here is a small bottle of lotion,” she whispered.  She leaned forward, ever so gently, and handed me the bottle. Inching her ass closer to the edge of the chair, she instructed me to remove her stockings and rub some of her body lotion into her calves and thighs. She raised each of her long, muscular legs, one by one, and I released her stockings from the garter belt and rolled them down and pulled them off of her feet. Alex leaned back into her office chair and waved one of her feet in front of my face, and I understood what she wanted.

I squirted a handful of her lotion into the palm of my hand, rubbed my palms together and started to apply the warmed lotion on the sides of her knees, massaging in a downward motion until I reached her ankles. Up and down I slowly rubbed the lotion into her soft skin, working my way back up the length of her calves and stopping mid-thigh. Her moans of pleasure were becoming more rapid and her breathing labored. She was making it difficult for me to concentrate on just massaging her long, sexy legs.



While I Worshiped her Legs– She Wanted More


I tried to massage her legs back down towards her feet and toes, but she whispered to me, “Up, up, up.” I didn’t want to displease my new leg Mistress, so I continued to rub her thighs, paying careful attention to her fleshy, warm inner thighs. Mistress Alex placed her foot on my shoulder and allowed me to see her pink, hairless pussy. Her pussy glistened as the bright office lights shone onto her moisture. I could almost see myself in her wet, pink pussy. I was pleasing my Mistress by worshiping her legs and pleasing her with my touch.

My new leg and foot fetish Mistress enjoyed my hands upon her legs and feet. Which, indeed, made me realize that her excitement excited me. I wanted to have a little more fun in my current situation, so I began to kiss her inner thighs. She must work out on a regular basis, because her legs were heavenly and well toned.



A Foot and Leg Slave Reaps Rewards


“Lick me,” she whispered, and I already knew what she wanted. I started licking her knees and the top of her thighs, flicking my tongue against her firm skin. Over and over, she repeated herself, “Lick me,” she moaned. I lowered my head further into the crevice between her inner thighs, and Mistress Alex pulled my face into her crotch. Her thighs locked around the side of my face like a pair of steel vise grips.  My face was completely buried in between her long, sexy legs and facing her pussy.

She kept repeating what she wanted from me. Being that I had never been with a woman before, much less been controlled by a dominant leg worship mistress, I did not want to displease her. She gripped my face harder with her thighs and slightly raised her pink mound to my lips.

“I’m going to want to work late every night,” I thought to myself.  As my tongue crept out of my mouth into her cunt.  This was the first of many glorious after hours leg and foot fetish sessions!

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