Are You a Leg Man? An Ass Man? Or both?


While many people would say that all leg men are ass men, and not all ass men are leg men, this is not necessarily always the case. There is no right or wrong. It is your personal preference when it comes to which areas of the female body turn you on the most.

Whichever you prefer, legs or ass, you may spend hours of enjoyment in search of evidence to substantiate your preference.  And, what’s more, during that process, you may find a new reason why you prefer the other..


The Leg Man


The image, of a five inch, stiletto-heeled shoe, holding a dainty, gorgeous, feminine foot, at the base of a well-toned calf wrapped in black fishnet stockings, is enough to drive some men wild. Some men will need to look no further. This sight alone will captivate them, arouse them.  To say nothing of setting off a series of passion-fueled body responses.

Meanwhile, add to that image of a pair of long, shapely legs, wrapped in black fishnets and a pair of spiky stilettos–a smooth, well toned thigh.  A thigh partly covered by a short, tight mini-skirt, barely concealing the top of her hosiery.

Many men would follow those legs to the end of the world and back, without reservation.  Just hoping to catch a glimpse of the soft skin that is free of the fishnets and dreaming of touching her smooth legs, which remain partially hidden by the tiny mini skirt.

By the same token, the leg man’s mind will take this lovely vision and allow it to grow and blossom. Into a sensual, sexual fantasy. One that will leave him wanting more of those soft, yet firm, alluring legs.


The Ass Man


There is no one shape or size of ass that all men crave. Each ass man has his own set of standards. While some men find a round, full, Rubenesque ass to be the ultimate derriere, others find a firm, smaller ass more sensual.

Ass men want to watch the way a woman’s ass moves. They want to watch her ass jiggle, vis-a-vis as she bends over to pick up her pen, and to admire and worship her ass as it protrudes up into the air. He wants to hold it, fondle it, and squeeze it. The idea of gripping her ass, as she mounts him, will make him sustain an erection all day long.



Feed Your Ass and Leg Fetish


Some men can’t get enough of a woman’s ass or her legs. They adore the way her thighs coupled with her ass gently work together in tandem and glide with the other. In other words, there is no one particular reason that causes a man to like one or the other.  Just as, by the same token, there is nothing that determines a person’s favorite color.

Some men prefer long legs and thick ankles, together with a round and voluptuous ass. Others prefer the ass of a marathon runner. Whichever turns you on is your own personal preference. In other words, enjoy it, play with it, and worship it.

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