At Her Feet–The Pleasure of Kneeling and Leg Worship


You need to learn servitude and the pleasure of kneeling and leg worship. You spend all your time being in charge; you are responsible for your employees at work, your family, even a great many of your friends look to you for advice, guidance and help. You take on the world full force and push through various roadblocks with an undying persistence. You set your goals high and you do not succumb to nor do you believe in failure- you are an achiever. You need a place, a time



Kneeling to Worship her Legs


There are ass men, breast men, and yes, leg men; for you it is a bit beyond just being a leg man, you worship her legs and hold them in the utmost regard. There is not a thing that you would not do just to be able to fondle the shapely limbs that carry your Mistress around in her daily life. Her legs are the object of your adulation, and your salvation. Being able to let go, and forget about the stresses of everyday life, is a necessity to maintain your strength and health. When you are kneeingl at her feet and worshiping her legs and feet, it brings balance to your hectic, over scheduled life.



Submit to her Legs and Enjoy the Torture


A lot of information is available regarding BDSM and Master and slave relationships; that is not the type of submission you necessarily need. Your Mistress will decide what sort of submissive role you will portray, and her idea may be a more gentle, yet firm form of Dominance and Submission. She and only she decides. Let go of your normal self control and beg and weep at her feet, for simply a moment’s pleasure to worship her lovely legs. You need to accept complete submission to your Mistress, for only then, if you are a good leg and foot slave, will you possibly reach sexual gratification.



Your Mistress’s Wants are Paramount to Yours


Think about that for a moment, will you? You have a NEED to worship at the shrine of her heavenly, female legs. Your leg worship Mistress, who possesses the most wonderfully curved calves understands this need and she understands you well enough to know how and how much to control you in your subjugation.



Your Leg Fetish Mistress Knows You Very, Very Well


There may be times when all you will need is to be able to spend some time at your shrine, kneeling before her and hoping to be permitted to touch her legs. You may wish to spend the evening caressing, kissing and licking your Mistress’ stocking clad legs. On some occasions, you will need to be controlled; you will be desperate and you will beg for permission to even gaze upon her calves and fleshy thighs.

She knows you all too well, and she knows exactly what you need, when you need it, and she may provide the discipline you so desperately need. She may deny you, make you grovel, perform some menial task, or even make you please her sexually before you are allowed to touch the objects you so desire to touch.



Your Willingness Pleases Your Leg Worship Mistress


On the cold, hard floor, kneeling at her feet, you willingly worship her legs. The relief and release you feel when you are finally allowed to let go of all emotion, with the exception of the love and adoration of her legs, assists you in remaining strong, when you don’t feel certain that you have any more to give. The ultimate pleasure you receive by escaping into your sexual fantasy will carry you through the toughest of times and form intoxicating memories of your Mistress and her firm hand.

Once you experience the intensity of your orgasm, finally shall you be able to give in to her completely and you will find yourself wanting and needing your leg worship Mistress more and more. Your Mistress knows exactly how much you need, and she will keep her pathetic, foot worshiping slave in proper balance.



On Your Knees, Slave! Get to kneeling!


You will find great pleasure kneeling at her feet, it will become a great passion. Acceptance of your position as a leg and foot slave, your submissive nature and ability to give in to your desires will make you a stronger man. Experience the delight of leg and foot worship and give up all control to your Mistress. Gain a better sense of self, let go of your inhibitions and call your leg worship phone sex Mistress and kneel at her feet and beg permission to kiss her legs.

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