Beginner’s Guide to Putting on Stockings

Putting on stockings can be daunting if it is your first time, or even if you have tried and had a failed attempt before. Stockings are delicate by nature and do require some care when being put on or taken off. So what is the right way to put on a stocking?

The first thing to check is your fingers and whether the nails are long or jagged. Stockings can easily snag or tear and smooth fingernails will minimize any damage that could occur whilst putting them on. The person who will be wearing the stockings should have their toenails cut and filed in the same manner.

This can be an excellent excuse for a manicure and pedicure! Toe nails are particularly important to note because they are capable of snagging the stocking all the way down as they are pulled over the feet. It is best to keep them short and filed smooth so that they do not poke through the toes of the stockings later.


Leg Care Prior to Putting on Stockings

Shaved and moisturized legs are much easier to slide a stocking over. They will also make the stockings more comfortable to wear. Unshaven legs may catch the stockings slightly and whilst this should not cause any damage it can make the stockings unsightly and uncomfortable to wear. If unshaven legs are preferred this can be avoided by keeping the hair long. The stockings will appear smoother and sleeker if the skin underneath is kept in good condition.

To put the stockings on, the wearer should be in a sitting position for the easiest access. If you are placing the stockings on another person it may be more comfortable to have her lie on her back with her legs in the air. If the stockings are being put on yourself then find the position which is most comfortable. For most people this is sitting on a steady surface.


Check the Stocking Type

sexy legs in stockingsDetermine whether they have a heel section or a seam. The stocking should be held with the seam or heel facing you so that when it is put on, this feature is at the back of the leg. Hold the stocking from the top with one hand on each side and carefully gather the material upwards until you reach the toe. Slide one set of toes into the stocking until they reach the bottom and line up any toe seam that may be present. With your thumbs inside the stocking, slowly slide them up the leg whilst gently pulling them taut as you go.

The more they are pulled tight against the leg at this stage, the less adjusting will have to be done later. Once the stockings are in place they can be adjusted by gently pinching and pulling small sections upwards. This helps to get the stockings higher and evens out the material against the leg. It takes some practice to place stockings on straight and even but if the seams are twisted the stockings can be straightened with your palms or fishnets.


Pantyhose Require Same Care

If pantihose is your choice of hosiery, the method is very similar. One leg should be done at a time although it may be easier to apply one leg to just above the knee before applying the other. Once both legs are in the pantihose to the knees, repeat the original process on each thigh. When the pantihose is even on both thighs, place your thumbs into the gathered waistband with your fingers on the outside and continue to slide them up to your waist. Pantihose may need to pulled more than stockings as they are being put on to reduce the amount of adjustment needed.

Fishnet stockings or pantihose require a little more care to put on. This is because of the holes present in the design. They can be gathered in much the same way although more care should be taken. Fishnets with nylon toes are generally better quality as this prevents toes poking through the fishnet and creating tears. Fishnets should be adjusted using the palms of the hands as fingers may cause snags if the fishnet is pulled.

The Art of Putting on Stockings

Putting on stockings is an art and like all things can be made easier with practice. Even if you do not wear stockings for pleasure it can help to practice on yourself so that when the time comes, you can impress the special woman in your life. It is not a skill that takes long to learn and it can make the difference between a sensual moment between you and her and a painful, unsexy disaster!


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