How to Earn the Right to Worship Her Legs

Sure, most men may think they know how to appreciate a pair of sexy legs, but the art of leg worship has evolved beyond a simple fetish to contain a veritable congregation of pleasures. Many women also enjoy the leg attention, so the fun works both ways. With the right sense of dedication, and a bit of knowledge of what leg worship is all about, any man can earn the right to worship his woman’s legs.

Certainly, misconceptions still exist about all types of body fetishes, but as leg fetishes gain in popularity, the rumors are being dispersed. After all, leg worship can be just as pleasurable for women as it is for men. While many women may feel self-conscious about their breasts, butts, skin or feet, legs are often a point of pride. It’s one place where a little extra meat is always appreciated – who wants a scrawny, stick-like pair of legs?



Leg and foot worship has close ties to Dominant and Submissive rituals


A leg and foot slave has no psychological hang-ups or “issues”; he and his Mistress are simply living out a long-held fantasy to give legs the attention they deserve. Mistress leg worship usually involves a dominant dressing up her legs in garter belts (those lacy elastic bands that hug the thigh) and tights or stockings (cotton, silk, nylon or knitted wool). The feet may sport a sexy pair of pointy-heeled stilettos. Thigh-high stockings, seamed stockings and/or fishnets often add to the role-playing aspect of the scene, evoking a certain era or mood and adding to the drama of leg worship.

There seems to be a particular

That said, this kind of body worship is all about pushing boundaries, and once play begins, a good leg slave should follow his instincts and, most importantly, the directives of his leg mistress. Usually, a submissive posture is assumed on the floor or at the foot of the bed. From there, anything goes.

The right to worship her legs is a privilege to be earned, not a given right


Worship Her legs with complete respect and adoration


The leg mistress wields the power in this relationship – her legs may taunt, play and even be a bit demanding. A good leg slave knows that this is the best part. If leg worship works in the bedroom, why not incorporate it into everyday life? Once the right to worship her legs is earned, it must be maintained.

Give her legs a little extra attention when they’re walking down the street or sitting down for a meal. Ask for permission, then scrub those legs up in the shower. With some practice, and a lot of devotion, any man can become the ultimate leg slave.



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