How to Make Love to Her Feet and Legs in Shoes and Stockings

Legs: What is a leg fetish?I love her legs. She walks into the bedroom and sits on the edge of the bed and begins to remove her shoes before undressing.

“No, wait,” you whisper, “Allow me.”

You move to her side of the bed, but instead of removing her high heels, you gently lay her back onto the pillow. The sight of her seamed stockings paired with her new stiletto heels have stirred an interest below your belt. Your pants become increasingly more uncomfortable as they constrict below your waist- but you must, kneel on the floor and worship her feet.


The Leg Worshiper Makes Love

A proper leg worshiper kneels at his Mistress’ feet, and waits for permission to touch her legs and feet. Once she nods in approval, you may begin to gently touch her feet. Place your fingers around her foot, and softly pick her foot and leg off of the satin sheets, holding it close to your face. Inhale her scent and smell the intoxicating aroma of her foot and the silk. Your breath will become rapid and your heartbeat will quicken as you enjoy the first inhalation of her scent.


Caress her Feet and Worship her Calves

Rub your cheek across the leather straps of her high heels and turn your head to the left, just enough to kiss the top of her foot. With one hand, carefully hold her leg and slide your other hand underneath and begin to caress the soft curve of her calf muscle.

Take your time to caress, knead, and kiss her foot and calf muscle. Once you reach the soft underside of her knee, slide your hand back down until you reach her heel, and tenderly remove her shoe. Place her foot into your lap, allowing it to rest upon your inner thighs, and begin the same process on her other leg. Her foot that is resting in your lap should be massaged gently from time to time.


Use your Body to Please Her

Use your hands, fingers, mouth, and your tongue to work slowly up her leg. Taste and feel her flesh in your mouth. Enjoy her scent as your tongue slides up and down her long, sexy legs. Your hips may begin to rock rhythmically against the foot in your lap- it is wise always to ask permission before rubbing your cock against her foot.

Do not disappoint your leg worship Mistress by your inpatient and needy slave behavior. At some point, she may allow you to unbuckle your pants and lower them to the floor. She will notice your damp underwear touching the silk stocking between the both of you.


Beg her to Feast Upon her Legs

Your heart may begin to race and your breathing may become irregular as you continue your trek up her leg.

There is no need to rush, your phonesex leg worship Mistress enjoys this almost as much as you do, slave. The exquisite ache for release prevents you from increasing your pace- continue with a slow caress. Only when you can truly no longer stand the torture, look up into her eyes, and ask her for permission to disrobe. If she allows you to remove your underwear, you may find yourself lapping at her long, lean legs faster and faster with a hungry fervor. Lick the long trail of her leg and enjoy the urgency growing inside of you.

Your Body is Overcome with Desire for Her Legs

As you feast upon her long, shapely legs, lay alongside her luscious limbs, and swiftly remove your confining underwear. Things move a bit quicker now, the blood rushes through your body, your heart thuds inside of your chest as it presses into her thigh. The feel of her stockings against your skin is almost too much, but you must continue. The rules are clear; you are not permitted complete release until she feels satisfied enough and permits you to do so.


Thank Your Leg Mistress for Allowing You a Moment’s Pleasure

How and where you release will be entirely up to your phone sex leg worship Mistress. She knows you well and she will wait and push you just beyond what you feel is your limit. When she grants you permission, you may lose yourself in ecstasy and your sweet release will be unlike any other pleasure. Thank her, repeatedly, and slowly work your way back down those leggy shrines, until you reach her feet.

This will be a special treat for you, only given when you are deserving. If and when your leg fetish Mistress feels you truly need it, you will worship her legs every chance you get-but you will not always be allowed to take such liberties. When you are allowed to release yourself while you’re worshiping your Mistress’s legs and feet, it will most definitely be worth the wait.

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