How to Properly Worship a Sexy Pair of Legs

Learn how to properly worship a sexy pair of legs and please your Mistress during a naughty leg worship phone sex session.


Origins of Body Worship


Body worship began to blossom in Europe during the twelfth century. This time period was plagued with sexually transmitted diseases epidemics. Foot and leg fetishes were a safe-sex alternative for preventing the spread of diseases through sexual contact. Leg worship was a personal choice for those who admired the unique beauty in a pair of legs. Sexual arousal is a major part of leg worship, and provides the performer and receiver with a unique pleasure for leg play. Everyone with a leg fetish has a preference as to how they want a sexy pair of legs displayed.



Caress her Legs with Care


To properly worship a pair of sexy legs, you should understand the delicate features a leg displays. Skin can be very easily bruised or scratched, so when you intend to caress these sexy limbs, trim your finger nails and apply lotion to prevent dry skin. Handle them gently to prevent red or bruising marks. Make sure your leg worship phonesex Mistress is aware of your foot and leg fetish before beginning to engage in leg play. When leg and foot fetish play begins in an open and relaxed environment, the arousal for both parties can be more satisfying and fulfilling.



Nylons and Pantyhose on a Sexy Pair of Legs


Nylon stockings began to appear on woman in the 1940’s. Modern nylon products are commonly called pantyhose. and can range in sizes and lengths. There are full coverage, thigh-high and knee high stockings readily available today. If you have a stocking fetish be sure to try the different varieties to understand which works better for you.

Nylons gave legs a smoother, more attractive appearance and began to make their way into the world of fetishes nearing the time that appeared on the market. Nylon leg worship has drawn many admires because of the nylon’s soft texture and ability make a sexy pair of legs appear even more attractive. Although leg worship is popular, many accessories can be added to accentuate the leg such as garter belts, seamed nylons, and stilettos.


Sexy Stilettos Enhance her Legs


Many find that stilettos help display your Mistress’s calf muscles and define her shapely legs, thus increasing the arousal associated with leg worship. When she is wearing accessories like stilettos, often times she will display them in different poses to find out what you like best, and torture you with her sexy legs.

When your Mistress decides to wear stilettos during your play session, often times a pedicure can precede to ensure an optimal arousing experience is achieved. If she is aware of your favorite colored stilletos, or even favorite colored Foot and leg fetishes usually go hand in hand and if you become excited you should be ready to drop to your knees and pay tribute to her long, shapely legs in true slave fashion.



Remember to Have Fun Worshiping her Legs


When engaging in leg worship the most important part of being successful is to have fun. The best part of leg worshiping is admiring those sexy legs up close and personal. This is your opportunity to treat them well, worship and pay tribute to her legs, and, if you are are good slave, you may be allowed to have your way with them. Your leg and foot fetish Mistress will guide you-she will instruct you with care and discipline while you worship her legs and feet. Don’t be afraid to explore and find

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