How to Put on a Pair of Stockings

How To Put On a Pair Of Stockings

Do you know how to put on a pair of stockings? Are you and your lover preparing for a hot steamy night at home? Spice it up with foot and leg fetish stocking play. The key to having a memorable, steamy, stocking play session is knowing how to put the stockings on yourself.  Or on your lover.


Set the Mood For Leg and Stocking Play


To ensure a hot and steamy session, set the mood by dimming the lights, adding candles and some sexy music. Entice your lover by first placing the stockings on the bed, then enter the bedroom. Wear either a loose bath robe or be bold and brazen and enter the bedroom completely in the nude. Your choice solely depends upon what makes you feel comfortable.


How To Put Stockings On Yourself


A Pair of Stockings Legs: What is a leg fetish?It may seem odd that one would need instructions for putting on a pair of ladies’ stockings.  However, it is necessary to review a few simple tips in order to prevent damage to the delicate fabric. If you are going to put the stockings on yourself, and you need a garter belt, put the garter belt on first. Avoid tearing your stockings by making sure your feet are well moisturized and your toenails are trimmed, filed and that there are no snags that may cause your stockings to rip or tear.

Use the same amount of caution with your hands as well. Purchase a pair of gloves to match your stockings and create a sexy, color coordinated ensemble. Grasp the open end of the stockings and slowly gather the nylons up until you have reached the toe of the stockings.



                                            Carefully Slip Your Toes Into Your Stockings


Place the top of your toes inside of the stocking’s opening and begin to raise your leg while you slowly glide the stocking over your foot and calf. If you have seamed stockings, then make sure the seam is placed on the back of your heel and resting upon the center of your calf.

Check the positioning of the stocking and slowly bring it up the rest of your leg and secure it to your garter belt. Repeat the above steps with your other leg until both stockings are secure and the seams (if wearing seamed hosiery) are even.



How To Put a Pair Of Stockings On Your Lover


If you are putting stockings on your lover, then there are several sexy ways you may go about it. To create a sexy experience for your lover, begin by applying their favorite lotion or massage oil to their skin, and massage their legs and feet until the moisturizer absorbs into the skin. As before, hold the stocking by the opening and gather the stocking in your hand until you reach the toe.



Lower Your Body and Kneel Before Her Legs


Kneel in front of your lover and ask them to place the top of their toes into the stocking opening. Want to turn up the heat?  Make it an even sexier display by placing their toes in your mouth. Or place their leg on your shoulder as you bring the stocking the rest of the way up the calf and thigh.

Once you have reached the top of their thigh, start from the base of the foot and gently run your hands up the length of the stocking to make sure it is positioned correctly and that your lover is comfortable. Secure the top of the stocking to the garter.

Repeat the above steps and secure the second stocking to your lover’s garter belt. Gauge your lover’s reactions as they stand up. Make sure that the stockings have not risen too high on the thighs.  Don’t let the garter pinch, causing discomfort. Remember to take it slowly, whether you are putting them on yourself or assisting your lover.  Savor every tantalizing moment of your leg and foot stocking play.

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