Introductory Leg Worship Lesson

This is the story of a slave’s introductory leg worship lesson. Memories and vivid images of our first rendezvous detailing your entrance into the study of leg worship often enters my thoughts and pleases your Mistress.

“Sing it for me. I can’t erase the stupid things I say”, softly echoed throughout the candlelit great room. You knew how much I enjoyed the vocalist’s raspy, velvet drenched voice. I briefly toyed with the idea of offering you a small reward for your excellent song selection. In the doorway, I stood, gently resting my shoulder against the wooden frame. Slowly I exhaled, my lips gently parted, exposing a glimpse of my moist, pink tongue as I tilted my head to rest against the wide door frame.

From across the room, I could feel your gaze began to kindle my inner thighs, which were cloaked underneath my ivory silk robe. Almost unconsciously, I raised my right foot, trailing the tip of my six inch high Manolo Blahnik stiletto softly against the back of my left calf in a swan-like display. I closed my eyes, and my fingers danced their way down from my breasts to unfasten my loose, silk robe and expose my sheer thigh-high nylons and garter belt.

My dreamy eyes, gently began to open upon hearing a slow, successive and persistent noise in the entrance to the great room. How delighted and pleased was I to witness my pet on his hands and knees, crawling towards me across the marble floor.

“Such a good pet,” I hissed.

“Heel!” I ordered.



Waiting to Experience Introductory Leg Worship Lesson


In the center of the Italian marble floor, eager to please your Mistress, like the little puppy that you are, you sat on your hind legs and awaited further instruction.

Now standing erect, my nylon covered legs parted, I swiftly removed my robe and it now lay in a silken pool around my feet. I unleashed my cat of nine tails, which was attached to my garter belt, and with long strides, I began to approach you.

As I began my promenade, the swooshing sound of my of long, tender thighs, adorned in seamed, nylon thigh high pantyhose accompanied the click clack of my stilettos. My cat of nine tails brushed against the floor, and as I came to an abrupt halt in front of you, I draped the whip across the back of your shoulders and neck. My right hand secured the whip’s handle, and I grasped the knotted, plaited thongs with my left while pulling you towards my long, lean, well toned legs. I could smell your apprehension.

You were taken aback when I struck you chest with the sole of my six inch stiletto, pressing into your chest with the ball of my foot, pushing you away from me, yet my whip pulling your closer at the same time. I noticed a small, glistening droplet of saliva forming near the corner of your lips as you gazed upon my calves and thighs.

“My heels are dirty, pet,” I said.

Your glossy eyes sheepishly met mine, and I released my whip from securing you in place, raised my heel to your mouth, and instructed you to lick the back of my six inch high stiletto heel. Up and down your tongue slithered across my heel. Long, wet licks covered my heel followed by short, almost probing licks, which grew in intensity as your tongue approached the back of my ankle.



Controlled by the Power of her Sexy Legs


It was in this moment, that I knew that you would be under my complete control while I allowed you to worship my legs. I would mold you into my own personal leg worshiper and mesmerize you simply by permitting you to gaze upon my long, erotic gams. Whether my legs are covered in sheer pantyhose, fishnets, or seamed nylons, you will be on your knees before me. If you’re lucky, and if you’re a good leg worshiper, I may allow you the opportunity to apply my thick, creamy, shimmering body lotion on my thighs and calves after I exit the shower.

Since our first rendezvous, you have blossomed into my favorite student of leg worship. We are not done in our instruction series by far, you have a lot to learn, my pet. Many more hours you shall spend before me on your hands and knees, worshiping my legs in every way imaginable. Who knows? We may have to extend your training indefinitely. We don’t want to rush your training, now do we? This was just an introductory leg worship lesson. The art of teaching you proper, thorough leg worship is my number one priority. Prepare yourself by kneeling at my feet for your upcoming leg worship lesson, pet.

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