Leg Worship: How To Earn the Right To Worship Her Legs

Leg worship. Do you know what it is and how to do it? Sure, most men may think they know how to appreciate a pair of sexy legs, but the art of leg worship has evolved beyond a simple fetish to contain a veritable cornucopia of pleasures. Many women also enjoy the leg attention, so the fun works both ways. With the right sense of dedication, and a bit of knowledge of what leg worship is all about, any man can earn the right to worship her legs.

Certainly, misconceptions still exist about all types of body fetishes, but as leg fetishes gain in popularity, the rumors are being dispersed. After all, leg worship can be just as pleasurable for women as it is for men. While many women may feel self-conscious about their breasts, butts, skin or feet, legs are often a point of pride. It’s one place where a little extra meat is always appreciated – who wants a scrawny, stick-like pair of legs?


Leg Worship, Leg Fetishes and Other Great Things


I’m a woman who is just over 6 feet tall. Most of my height is in my legs. It was the bane of my existence until I had a guy on the street in New York City say that he had a leg fetish and I had the most beautiful set of legs he’d ever seen. That was when I knew that my long legs could be an asset to me.

After a little research, I began to seek out these men with leg fetishes. How did I do this, you ask? Well, at first I just always made sure that when I went out that I showed my legs off to the best of my ability. I keep them shaved at the moment because that is my personal preference. There have been times when I didn’t shave them because someone asked me very nicely not to, but I will explain more on that subject later.

Oiled, Smooth, Lightly Tanned – Work For It


I keep them oiled and lightly tanned. Usually, the heels, shorts or short skirts that I wear are enough to get the attention of the kind of men I seek. I can spot a guy with a leg fetish from across a crowded room just by the look on his face. A man with a leg fetish will find me and my long legs in a crowded room just as easily. He also knows that my legs are tanned and shaved before he realizes that my eyes are blue and my hair is red. I want to get his attention because I have what he needs. By the end of the night I will have him on his knees worshiping my legs from the tips of my toes to…well as far up my legs as I will let him go!

A few years ago, I met such a man, poolside. I was there on vacation so I was walking by in my short shorts and red bikini top with a white button down shirt over it, open. Like a cover-up. I caught him staring at my legs and knew that he would be headed my way soon. I was proven right.  Within minutes  he strolled up to me and smiled with very hungry eyes. A short while later, we were in my hotel room. He was kneeling before me, practically begging to worship my feet and legs. Since we were both going to be at this place for a month or so, I told him that we had lots of time for that later. I wanted him to know that he would have to work for the privilege of worshiping my legs.



Pole Dancing With Really Long Legs


I did eventually let him worship my legs for hours. He had known that he had a leg fetish for many years and knew what he was doing. One of the things he asked me to do for him was pole dance. I told him that I didn’t want to. In reality I had always wanted to try pole dancing. After a few days I acted as though I had thought twice about it and begrudging said that I would do it. He rented a strip club for the night and invited every guy we ran into to come to the party.

That night at the strip club was great. I had had a little practice and I had a good idea of how to strut my stuff. I walked out on that stage in skin tight leather break away pants and gold lamé bikini top. By the time I was done, I was hanging upside down on the pole with my long, naked legs in the air, wearing nothing but a g-string stuffed with money. I loved it and so did my friend with the leg fetish. He took pictures of me with my legs wrapped around the pole. I sometimes wonder where those pictures are today.


I Love Leg Fetishes and Leg Worship


After the night at the strip club, he asked me to stop shaving my legs because he loved the feeling of the stubble growing out. I said no, but then lost my razor, so I had no choice. I’ve always suspected that he stole it so I couldn’t shave. He bought me many pairs of expensive panty hose and stockings. This guy loved the feel of my legs in the sheer stockings. He also had me start using sunscreen so that my legs would go back to their natural lighter color.

I knew I would miss him when I left. My experiences with him taught me a lot about leg fetishes.

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