Leg Worship: What is it?


Leg worship is the act of showing reverance, physically or verbally, towards another person’s legs. In common BDSM situations this is likely to be a slave worshipping the legs of his Mistress. It can be as hands off as kneeling at her feet, describing the beauty of her legs or complimenting her stockings. At the other end of the scale the slave may be required to massage, touch or kiss her legs. In some relationships the slave may have to earn the privelege of being allowed to touch, kiss or lick the legs.


Leg Worship Reinforces the D/s Relationship


Leg worship is often used to reinforce the sense of inferiority for the slave and exaggerate the superiority of the Mistress. Typical worship will put her in the image of a goddess towering over her slave while, at her feet, he tends to her every need. Worship is recieved passively and the Mistress may place restrictions on how and when the slave may touch or worship her legs.

Leg worship can be expressed through verbal compliments. Describing her legs in a way that shows appreciation of them is most effective. Complimenting her outfit and how it makes her legs look is a more subtle way to worship. Verbal worship may be used in a dominance situation where more elaborate compliments are more effective in pleasing the Mistress. Depending on the relationship between leg slave and Mistress, comments that hold her legs as superior can be an excellent reinforcement to the scene.


Leg Worship is a Form of Body Worship


Physical leg worship can also take any number of forms. Every Mistress will have her own way in which she likes her legs to be worshipped. Some may allow a slave to admire her legs through a pedicure or helping her put on her stockings. Other Mistresses may allow her slave to bathe or shave her legs or perhaps carry out a relaxing massage. Smothering her legs in lavish lotions is an indulgent way to show your Mistress adoration.

Some slaves may have the desire to touch, kiss and lick his Mistress’ legs. Once the privelege has been earned the slave may indulge in these activities. How a Mistress likes her legs to be touched will usually be down to the Mistress and she will usually instruct a slave on how to worship her legs correctly


Adoration Leg Worship


Whilst worship is commonly used to exaggerate Mistress and slave relationships it can also occur when the worshiper is in awe of the legs and wishes to praise them. This form of worship may engage both parties if there is no dominant relationship present.

Worshipping does not have to end when those fantastic legs are no longer in sight. Some worshippers keep pictures of legs and continue to worship in the absence of the woman herself. Purchasing a pair of expensive stockings is another way to show adoration. What legs won’t feel superior encased in the finest silk stockings? Lotions and creams also make excellent choices as gifts for legs being worshipped.

Leg worship is exactly what it appears to be, the worship and devotion to sensual, attractive legs. The ways in which legs can be worshipped may differ from person to person but it can always help to be creative and show that you really do think those legs are something special.

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