Legs: Why Men Love Them


It is an undeniable fact that many men in the world adore legs. Whether it is looking, touching and caressing, or kissing his way along them, legs are often a focal point of a woman’s body but why is it that men love legs so much?

Legs have been sexualized by the media for years, providing an innocent yet alluring focus for sexy images that could not expose more erotic places on a woman’s body. Before the days of pin up girls, and even during the earlier decades, exposing a pair of legs was considered taboo. This created an attraction towards images that did expose legs and they were deeply sexualized by those who came to view them.

In later years, legs became another focal point with the rise in popularity of stockings. Nylon stockings became synonymous pin up girls, the dark stocking top providing a huge contrast against pale thighs and adding a new look to this already sensual attraction. With so much focus on legs in popular media, is it any surprise that men adore them?


Why are Men So Captivated by Legs?


However, there is still the question of what keeps men captivated by a tantalizingly teasing set of legs. Some men genuinely like legs and prefer them over other erotic parts of a woman’s body. Others simply see them as a teasing path towards things to come. It is not uncommon for men to believe that a seductive pair of legs will lead them straight to heaven and it is the thrill of getting there that entices them.

Whichever reason is responsible for the attraction, most men will agree that legs are elegant, shapely and aesthetically pleasing. It is so easy to dress a set of legs in silky stockings, stunning shoes and short skirts to add to the appeal. It is well known that a pair of dark high heels can give the illusion of even longer legs. A short skirt that covers the thighs can be extremely teasing, never exposing what lies between those gorgeous thighs.


Legs Symbolize the Path Toward Greater Pleasures


For those who enjoy a long build up, the legs symbolize the gradual, sensual path towards greater pleasures. The legs are often seen before anything else, drawing the eyes up from sexy heels, along the soft, smooth thighs towards elegant curves and leaving the imagination to fill in the blanks. Caressing and kissing the legs is a pleasure in its own right but the mind will draw many towards what lies at the top. The leg symbolizes foreplay and gradually increases the tension as the full length is explored.



For Many Leg Adoration is the Goal


For others with a more involved interest in the legs, there is the ‘chase’ from seeing a perfect set of legs to being able to touch and caress them. The difference here is that the legs will be the ultimate goal, whether naked, in stockings or sexy high heels. Some men love a woman’s legs dressed in the finest silky hosiery, others enjoy the textures and stunning contrast provided by fishnet and patterned tights. Some leg fetishes stem from the control a woman can exert through a man worshipping her legs. She has the right to allow or deny his pleasure, creating a more intense scenario.

Leg adoration is common in society with the graceful, artful form being worshipped through television and other popular media. Admiring an elegant set of legs is seen as a compliment and both men and women know when to appreciate this symbol of beauty. The legs are more subtle as a symbol of sexuality than other erotic body parts but this adds to their power of sensuality and control. Finely decorated legs in elegant hosiery reflect a professional and sophisticated image which exudes class.


Legs are a Thing of Beauty to Be Appreciated


The legs have more control over the complete body image than many people realize and they should be used to complete any look. This is a body part that looks fantastic whether it is covered in tight clothing, sheer stockings or left bare. Just as breasts, hips, thighs and butt can be used to accentuate other parts of the body, legs can do the same. They can be more than half of the full body length and are the foundation on which the rest of the body is displayed.

It is no surprise that men are adoring worshipers of this symbolic part of the female form. Many men love legs simply because they are a thing of beauty that deserve to be appreciated in every way.


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