Legventure in Paris

Exactly what is a legventure? Keep reading, I’ll tell you.

My husband and I were taking our first trip together alone since having our last child, who is now four years of age. We decided that we would tour through Europe so that we could see all of its wonders. We were able to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Vatican and other worldly marvels.

While we were in Paris, it just so happened to be fashion week. My husband knows that I am a sucker for high fashion and he surprised me with two third row tickets the the fashion show.


I Knew he Had a Crush

To his delight, one of his favorite models was scheduled to appear in the fashion show. He was very attracted to her. She wasn’t very skinny, not by model standards of course, but she has some very long legs that help up her small well tones in . I couldn’t quite remember her name at the time, but I do recall that this was her debut in Paris’ fashion week.

The fashion show lasted for approximately two and a half hours before the final walk had taken place. The crowd was so thick that it became difficult to exit after we left our sets. While we struggled to find our way towards the exit, I told my husband that I would return soon. The long wait had made my bladder a bit inpatient, so I headed towards the women’s restroom.


A Chance Meeting Leads to Legventure Experience

I managed to weave my way through the thick crowd and find the women’s restroom. I entered the stall and I heard a young lady enter the restroom. I could tell by the tone of her voice, that she was very upset. I managed to overhear tidbits of her telephone conversation, but I could only make out a few words because she was speaking in a combination of French and English.

“No money, too fat, poor, old job, red light,” are the only words that I managed to understand.

I flushed the commode and stepped out to wash my hands in the little silver sink. When I looked up into the mirror, I recognized the face of my husband’s favorite model. She apologized for being upset, because she didn’t realize that she wasn’t alone in the restroom.


She was Absolutely a Lovely, Leggy Girl

After a few brief pleasantries were exchanged, she explained that the designer advised her that she would not receive her pay for participating in the fashion show. She sadly explained that they felt she had gained weight and the clothes did not fit her body properly. She was depending on her pay and she mentioned that her previous job was in the Red Light District.

You would think that I would have felt complete compassion for her, and I suppose I did, but at the same time, my mind began to devise a plan.


Her Legs Were Mesmerizing

I quickly offered to help her return home for a small favor, if she was interested. I had been trying to spice up my love life for a while now, and what better opportunity could have possibly presented itself!

I told the young model that I would ensure that she receives her salary if she would wear a sexy little black dress for my husband. She agreed, of course, and wrote down the address to our hotel. She would arrive in about an hour, she said, and with this, we left the restroom through separate entrances.


As He Exited the Shower, He became Possessed by Her Legs

I found my husband waiting for me by the main door. The crowd had dispersed and we were able to swiftly reach our car and begin our trip back to the hotel.

We arrived at the Suite about thirty minutes later and I scurried about the room, tidying up a bit before the model arrived. My husband looked dazed and confused as he asked me why I was rushing about the room and why wouldn’t I let the housekeeper tidy up tomorrow. As usual, as I was speaking to him, he began to walk off as if what I said meant nothing. As he entered the restroom to prepare to take a shower, I heard a light knock on the door.

I opened the door to our hotel suite to find the young model dressed in a short, black pea coat. She was wearing a pair of black stilettos, and she was absolutely gorgeous.

I escorted Amelia to the bedroom and I began to slip into my evening wear. She complemented my shapely legs, and said that she hoped when she was older, her legs would look as great as mine. We chatted for a few minutes, laid back on the bed , laughing and giggling until my husband entered the room.


Dave Worships Her Legs

He was wearing only his bath towel,which quickly fell to the floor when he stepped into the bedroom.

“What is going on here?” Dave asked.

He looked utterly confused.

I noticed Amelia smirk at my husband as she rose up off the bed, clad in a black leather corset, black thigh high fishnets, and her stiletto heels. She stopped in front of Dave and began kissing his neck, ears, and eventually his lips. She motioned for me to join in the fun, and I began to trail my tongue up and down the back of his neck and slowly proceeded to lick his lower back.

Amelia pushed down on Dave’s shoulders until he was kneeling at her feet.

Her voice had changed from the girlish, high pitched voice I remembered earlier. She sounded like a brazen sex goddess.


On His Knees, Submitting to His Leg Mistress

“I understand that you have a….thing….for legs, Dave.” she said.

He nodded.

“Well, Dave, you should already know what I want from you,” she hissed.

He could not speak at all. I heard a semblance of a word or sentence escape his lips but it sounded completely incomprehensible.

“I want you…Dave…to take off my…

Dave continued to remove her other stocking and shoe in the same, slow and sensual fashion. He was a naughty little leg worshiper, even when he worshiped my legs, he would need to be disciplined from time to time. He was very inpatient.

I could tell that Amelia was enjoying his submission to her legs. Once he had removed both stockings and both stilettos, she raised the bottom of her foot and made him lick her soles.

“Now what,” Dave asked.

“Now, you’re going to make love to your wife,” she ordered.

She winked at me and I pointed to a sealed white envelope on the edge of the dresser. She nodded, through on her coat, and walked out.

I turned back to Dave, who sat on the floor on his heels and I knew it would be a long night.

What a legventure!


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