Married to a Foot and Leg Slave

I’m so thankful that I have an in-house leg and foot slave, ready to worship my legs with out me having to utter a word. My husband and I have been married thirty-two years, and we were searching for new ways to spice up our love life and keep it interesting. I would consider our marriage an open marriage to some extent. We’ve experimented with same sex relationships, threesomes and we’ve experimented with the swinging lifestyle- after meeting a wonderful couple through a local adult classified advertisement.

My husband has an infatuation with legs-I guess you could say that he has a leg and foot fetish. He adores and worships my legs, and it’s very difficult for him to control himself when I wear really short skirts. After years of experimentation with other fetishes and swapping partners, what he really needed was at home all along.


For and Leg Slave Wanted to Worship My Legs

Last Friday night, we went out to dinner after completing a bit of shopping. We were planning on painting a couple of the spare bedrooms; the kids have all graduated from college and have families of their own, and their old rooms needed a facelift.

My husband grabbed the box of paint cans and the small bag of craft paint that I purchased from the hobby store and I locked the car, set the car alarm, and followed him through the garage and into the side entrance of our home.

I poured two glasses of Chablis, handed Ron a glass, and slowly raised my wine glass up to my lips, inhaling the scent before tasting. Ron smiled, kissed me on the cheek and told me he was going to shower. He cracked a crooked, sinister smile as he turned and walked off towards the bathroom.

“I think I’ll finish my wine first,” I thought to myself.


I Knew That I Would Be His Foot and Leg Mistress

I leaned back onto the granite counter top, savoring each mouthful of the cold Chablis, feeling it’s cool sensation wash over my tongue and slide down my throat. I poured another glass of wine, and decided to bring the entire bottle upstairs and into the bathroom; who knows how long we would be in the shower together, and we may need a refill.

I walked over to the stair case, slipped out of my stilettos and walked up the stairs barefoot. I could feel the plush carpet brush against my toes with each step. The bottle of Chablis gently slid against my left thigh, caressing my leg through my pantyhose.

Upon reaching the second level of our home, I walked into our bedroom, and flung open the door to the master bathroom. The bathroom was full of steam. I heard the sliding glass shower door open and Ron suddenly appeared amidst the cloud of steam. He was dripping wet, and the water droplets ran down his chest and formed little pools of water at his feet that crept over the tile floor and kissed my toes.



My Husband Wanted To Indulge His Foot and Leg Fetish

Ron reached behind me, unzipped my skirt and my skirt fell to the floor. He knelt down before me on the bathroom tile and lifted each of my feet, one by one, slid my skirt from underneath and tossed it into the decorative hamper. I had turned my body away from the mirror and my perky ass now rested against the counter top. The steam dampened my nylons, and it felt as if they were stuck to my skin. Ron whispered that he needed me to shower with him, and he picked me up and carried me into the hot, steamy shower.

I sat on the shower bench, still wearing my thigh high stockings, garter belt, and my sheer white blouse. I quickly gulped down the rest of my Chablis and handed Ron my empty glass to place outside of the shower. While he stepped out for a brief moment, I unbuttoned my blouse. I knew exactly what my foot and leg slave needed and wanted.



He Was Turned on by our Leg Worship Sessions

As he entered the shower once again, I instructed him to sit at my feet. His cock was already hard, and he wasted no time in following my orders. The warm water sprayed onto my thighs and calves, and as I raised my foot, I could see a slow stream of water running off of my toes.

“Open your mouth,” I said.

Ron opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue and began to drink the water which was dripping off of my stocking clad legs and toes. He moaned as he flicked his tongue under my big toe and I could feel the vibrations of his moan when he drew my toe into his mouth. He loved to worship my legs; I was his leg worship Mistress and he was my leg and foot slave.

“The night was still young, the water warm, and the wine was flowing, ” I thought to myself as I leaned back against the wall, savoring the licking and sucking sensation on my legs, feet and toes. I reached down between my legs, slipped my slender fingers inside of my tiny little g-string, half-way opened my eyes, and moaned.

“Good boy, Ron, ” I whispered.

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