Origins of a Leg Fetish

Have you ever wondered how a leg fetish develops? Men spend a good portion of their lives trying to get women to open their legs; or at least think about it opening their legs and indulging them in a glimpse of their tender, hidden treasure.

The mission of convincing a woman to uncross and spread her thighs for him is an art and can be a great internal quest. As with many goals, the path that one selects to reach their goal may be just as important and exhilarating as actually completing the mission- such is the drive of a man with a leg fetish.


Leg Fetish Adoration


Some men prefer a woman’s breasts, some prefer her ass, and others cannot manage to get enough of a woman’s legs. They love the look of a well-shaped leg in stockings and the accompaniment of a high heeled shoe or boot, giving the illusion of a longer, more defined leg. A well defined, shapely leg adorned in hosiery and heels, provides a leg worshiper with more to adore than legs alone. A leg worshipers entrance into the fetish lifestyle often begins with adoration of a woman’s legs.



Legs are the Pathway to Ecstasy


Men who give in to their inner desires and nourish their leg worship fetish gaze upon a woman’s legs and see a journey, one to be taken leisurely and enjoyed to the fullest. Leg worshipers provide decorations for the legs, such as nylons, silk stockings and shoes, and they patiently wait as they are fitted onto the limbs of their Mistress.

They relish the slow, seductive removal of the decorations. If permitted to partake in the removal of the hosiery, they first begin to caress and kiss the wrapped leg and carefully, tenderly and gently, begin to move upwards, and become thoroughly absorbed in the process-savoring the path from toes to treasure.



Agonizing Desire to Please


The need swells within them, the heat rages throughout their body, and yet, still they will move slowly, for the journey is exquisitely agonizing and pleasurable. Eventually, they will reach their leg worship Mistress’s treasure, and may be permitted to feast upon her moist flesh.

Mistress to reach the pinnacle of satisfaction before they are allowed to reach their climax. For most men, it will only be with the woman’s permission that they will orgasm. Impudent little leg and foot slaves who lack control, know that it is just a matter of time before their body will allow them to finally reach an orgasm.


Nourish Your Leg Fetish


For many, there is no rhyme or reason as to why they revere legs to the extent they do. Like any body worship fetish, it can be obsessive, inexplicable, yet a necessary component of his love making. As unusual as the fetish may appear to others, it does no harm to the man or his partner.



Leg Fetish


Men with a leg fetish love legs. There may be a certain shape that turns them on more than others, or they may not have a preference other than it being a beautiful, sexy pair of legs. Some may like a smooth, hairless leg, while others may prefer a hairier pair of legs.

Leg worshipers want to feel under the control of the leg, squeezed between them, and made to worship the legs- begging and pleading for their leg worship Mistress to grant them permission to touch them.

These men enjoy the feeling of submitting For many men, the vision of a woman wearing nothing but a pair of silk stockings with a garter belt and a pair of stiletto heeled shoes is enough to make them come to a complete halt and give her legs their undivided attention.

For the man with a leg fetish, such a sight would immediately bring him to his knees, to worship, beg, or begin the long journey to the treasure.

Whichever is his preference, his addiction to her lovely lower limbs will be quite obvious.
to the strength of the woman.



Difficult to Talk About


One should not feel as though their sexual desires and needs are odd. Often times it’s difficult to discuss you sexual preferences with your loved one for fear of not being accepted or shunned. Your inherent need to worship her legs must be fulfilled, whether it includes mere discussion or active, safe role play.

When your need to beg at her feet begins to take over your thoughts and your body cannot tolerate the torture for one moment longer, remember that there are alternatives to your predicament. Crawl on your knees, and imagine your leg worship phone sex Mistress parading in front of you, offering you a glimpse of her thigh high stockings while you kneel on the floor, panting and begging like the slave you are.

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