Pantyhose or Stockings: Which is Sexier?

Do you prefer the look of pantyhose or stockings? Before she puts on that sexy little outfit you purchased for a special occasion, wouldn’t you love to see her stepping into a sexy, body-clinging, foundation undergarment. What good is a sexy, flirty dress if underneath there are institutional looking, old fashioned undergarments?

Stockings and pantyhose are usually the only undergarments that can be seen while she is still clothed , and they are an important part of any ensemble. They can give her legs a smooth, shimmery look and add a touch of class – as well as provide a little bit of warmth when she wants to show off her legs in less-than-warm weather.

Pantyhose and Hosiery are Sexy

The age old argument of stockings vs pantyhose is one that has been debated for many years. The sexiest option is one that is relative but there are times when a decision must be made. So which is the sexiest kind of hosiery?

Pantyhose and why they are appealing

Pantyhose can often be overlooked for the garment of elegance they are. Whilst many men do appreciate pantyhose, the number is counteracted by those who believe they are simply a containment device for elderly women. This is not true.

The characteristics of pantyhose define them as a garment designed to cover and tighten the body from the waist down. These are the same characteristics that make them so sexy. Pantyhose offer much more flexibility in outfits that can comfortably be worn and actually allow women (and men!) to show off more of their body than their less restrictive counterpart.

Pantyhose are capable of pulling in flesh, containing it within the fabric. This is especially good for people who believe their thighs to be less than perfect. Pantyhose gives the illusion of slimmer, silkier thighs and can combat the appearance of cellulite and other, often undesirable, attributes.

Some people believe that the sheer size of pantyhose, covering the body from toe to waist is something of a turn off. Others appreciate the highly sexual look obtained from wearing pantyhose without panties. The female form looks divine covered in a sheer blend of nylon and silk with little else to obscure the view.

In a bedroom setting, pantyhose can provide a teasing and stimulating adventure. The soft and silky feel of good quality garments can be pleasurable for many people and there is always the thrill of taking them off. There are even people who focus on the act of tearing or cutting the pantyhose to reach the soft mound of flesh underneath.

Stockings and why they are appealing

Earn the right to perform leg worship through pantyhoseStockings come in many forms however there are generally two types; hold ups and suspenders. Hold ups often contain a band of silicone or rubber inside the top, preventing them from slipping down the leg during use. Suspender stockings rely on a suspender or garter belt to remain on the thigh. Whilst hold up stockings are very practical for those who find pantyhose uncomfortable, it is often suspended stockings that recieve the most attention.

The image that stockings give is one that has been promoted in the media for decades. The sexy look is often shown as a pale skinned woman in sheer, black stockings. The contrast of the dark stocking top against creamy thighs is part of what makes the look so appealing. The top band on stockings, where the stocking meets the thigh, is often the focal point of such a look and can be found in solid colors, lace or pvc. Different skin tones may find a more appropriate look by experimenting with different colors and band styles to find a look that compliments the thighs.

The overall look of stockings is completed by the suspender or garter belt. These belts come in a range of styles from a thin band of lace to the large vintage girdles popular in alternative fashion. The most common type of garter belt is made from satin or silk and edged with lace. The straps are often thin and lie flat against the leg, clipping to the stockings to hold them in place. Many people who enjoy stockings appreciate the restrained look given by the full ensemble. The garter belt has the appearance of pinching in the waist as the straps contain the bare flesh of the thighs.

Pantyhose or Stockings: Which is sexier?

Whilst pantyhose definitely has its merits, the general consensus is that the taut, banded look of stockings with suspenders is the sexiest option. Stockings with a garter belt accentuate the curves of a woman from the waist to the toes whilst still revealing the tinyest hint of flesh beneath her sexy ensemble. It is not uncommon to find pantyhose that has been designed to mimic the look of suspended stockings and this enforces the view that stockings are more in demand.

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