Sexy Shoes Make Hot Legs Even Hotter

A hot pair of legs exude elegance and they deserve a stylish pair of shoes to match. The truth is that shoes can do much more than just match. The right pair of shoes has the ability to compliment the legs and enhance the shape and structure making them even more desirable. This is how a sexy pair of shoes make a hot pair of legs even hotter.

Different Types of Heels Accentuate Different Parts of the Leg

High heels are well known to accentuate the leg but different types of heel can have different effects on the shape of calves and thighs. Higher heels result in a slimmer looking leg. This is because the heel stretches the calf muscles, making them appear longer and more toned. The extra height of the heels also adds to the illusion of luxuriously lengthy legs.

Stiletto heels are perfect for gaining that longer leg look. The thin nature of this type of heel compliments and emphasizes the long, slender shape of your body. Wineglass heels that resemble the shape of a wine glass should generally be avoided. They can have a negative impact on the overall image of a person with thin calves or wider hips.

Shoes with rounded tips can make your legs appear shorter whilst subtly pointed toes give the illusion of length. The very best shoes in providing ultimate length are usually strapped or open toe shoes. The visual effect of showing off your feet through your shoes is one that implies legs considerably longer than they are!

Accents on the shoes such as large bows or flowers can have a complimentary effect if they are strategically placed. The placement will depend on the look you are trying to achieve. Accents on the toes suggest longer legs and slimmer feet whilst accents on the ankles can encourage them to look thinner. Carefully placed straps accentuate the ankles and are best used for slimmer rather than thick ankles.

Baring your feet is not everything and more concealing shoes can appear sexy and sophisticated. Boots or shoes in different lengths will accentuate different parts of the leg. A thigh length boot encases the entire leg and can have an appeal similar to that of stockings. This type of boot should be tight fitting to provide a silhouette of the sexy legs underneath.

How Boots Effect the Legs

Boots that cover the knee but do not reach high on the thighs should be reserved for those with naturally long upper legs. Those with shorter thighs may find that this style of shoe causes the leg to appear shorter. Instead, knee high boots should be considered for that long, sexy shoe look. these boots will usually stop just below the knee and give that ‘covered up’ look without detracting from the length of the leg. Ankle boots are very versatile and when combined with a high, slender heel can provide a stylish, sensual look. This type of shoe is perfect for those who prefer to show off their hosiery or bare, shapely legs whilst retaining a refined image.

The material that a pair of shoes is made from can also affect the whole image. It has the power to make a sexy pair of legs a sensual object of desire. Satins and silks are sleek and sexy, whilst velvet and velour ooze elegance. Any of these combined with lace provides a look of the highest class. Leather is the epitome of sophistication whilst gloss PVC has a very dramatic look suited to any Mistress.

Look for Sexy Shoes that Best compliment Your Leg Type

Try to find shoes that compliment the shape and structure of your legs, rather than draw attention away from them. A pair of shoes that is bright and bold may be stunning but if they do not draw attention upwards then your sexy legs may go unnoticed. Subtle colors that match your outfit add to the overall appeal and draw a viewers eyes upwards to the rest of you and allow your legs to be admired on the journey. The hosiery, if any, that you choose can add a finishing touch and make your legs appear smoother, silkier and more glamorous. This must be picked especially carefully if your shoes have open toes.

It is no secret that your body can be made to look even more amazing. The same is true for your legs. Think of your shoes as the accessory that compliments your best feature and choose them carefully. A well picked pair of shoes have the ability to make a pair of hot, sexy legs into a devilishly daring center piece. If you want your legs to be noticed, the right shoes can make all the difference.


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