Stockings vs. Pantyhose- Which is Sexier?

                      Stockings vs. Pantyhose- Which Is Sexier?

sexy legs in stockings

Which do you prefer- stockings or pantyhose?  Before she puts on that sexy little outfit you purchased for a special occasion, wouldn’t you love to see her stepping into a sexy, body-clinging, foundation undergarment? What good is a sexy, flirty dress, if underneath there are institutional looking, old-fashioned undergarments?

Stockings and pantyhose are usually the only undergarments visible on a clothed woman. Obviously, they are an important part of any ensemble. They can give her legs a smooth, shimmery look and add, unquestionably, a touch of class. What’s more, they provide a little bit of warmth when she wants to show off her legs in less-than-warm weather.


                                                       Pantyhose and Hosiery Are Sexy


But what are they? How are they different? And the all-important question – which is sexier? Each person has a different idea of what is sexy, as well as what they want out of their undergarments.  In this case, both offer choices when someone wants to be as sexy as possible.


                                                        Stockings and Pantyhose Are Similar


These undergarments are very similar, but have one key difference. Both are generally a nylon/spandex combo, appear transparent and give a skintight fit. Both can also come in a variety of materials and constructions, such as seamed nylons and seamed stockings (which have a visible seam along the back), or fishnets, silk, cotton and almost any other material.



Key Difference Between Pantyhose and Stockings


Whereas pantyhose are one piece that come up to the waist and have a crotch gusset that can take the place of underwear, stockings are two or three pieces and have individual leg pieces that generally come up over the calves and to the middle of the thighs. Stockings stay up individually via an elastic band on the top, or with the use of a garter belt. A garter belt, worn under clothing around the waist, similar to a belt, holds up the stockings on the legs.


Stockings Are Alluring


Both undergarments can be sexy and enhance any outfit. However, many consider stockings a more aesthetic choice than pantyhose. They supply a variety of options in garter belts, yield “peek-a-boo” effects with high-cut dresses or skirts, and  allow the wearer’s skin to show. If the wearer intends to reveal the undergarments, these may be the best choice as they permit the wearer to remove one at a time and show a combination of skin and undergarments. They are easy to slip into and just as easy to take off.  Most importantly, they do not need to be removed for those special moments.



Indulge In Full Coverage


Pantyhose are a good option if you wish to avoid the possibility of skin showing – since they go to the waist there is no exposed skin to be revealed. If the goal is to look sexy in an outfit, they may provide the best option since they can give the wearer a smooth line from waist to toe and can act as shape-wear – essentially compressing the stomach and rear end. They also are less noticeable under clothing – there are no unsightly lines, even underneath a tight outfit.

They also offer a convenient alternative to the multi-pieces of stockings.  On the other hand, they can also be more difficult to get on and off – potentially ruining a special moment. The wearer should consider under what circumstances the undergarments will be seen to best decide which will be sexier.



Thigh-High Stockings Are Smoldering Hot


In reviewing both types of hosiery, pantyhose and stockings, both feature different characteristics which may possess sex appeal under different circumstances. Who can argue the attractiveness and appeal of a sexy pair of thigh high seamed nylons, especially if worn with a pair of five inch stilettos. They serve a dual purpose by covering a large portion of the legs and, at the same time, adorning her legs and drawing attention to her smooth, shapely, inner thighs. Stockings have mastered the peek-a-boo effect of showing just enough skin to drive a man into a frenzy. Thereupon frequently having him beg for permission to place his hands upon the calves and thighs.

Stockings, especially thigh-high stockings worn with a garter belt, have much more sex appeal than a full bodied pair of sheer pantyhose. Wear them with a pair of sexy heels and the ground will begin to smolder beneath her feet. Don’t you agree? Which would you prefer, if you were allowed a choice in the matter?

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