The Beginner’s Guide To Leg Worship

If you’ve recently discovered you have a leg fetish, you’ll want to check out this beginner’s leg worship guide.

The sight of a shapely female leg drives you to an almost uncontrollable frenzy. You struggle with yourself, and remind yourself to not stare at a woman below the waist, especially if she is wearing a short, fitted skirt.  Gaze into her eyes during conversation. You always seem to find a reason, or better yet, an excuse to waltz through the hosiery departments of major women’s clothing stores. It’s time to face facts. Obviously, you have a leg fetish and you enjoy worshiping a woman’s legs. So, what are you going to do about your new found attraction to a woman’s legs?


                                     Leg Worship Is Not Uncommon


Believe it or not, many men adore the divine curves of the feminine leg. They feel the deep desire to be held captive, both physically and mentally by the lovely lower appendages of a woman. Leg worship goes beyond simple admiration of a woman’s legs.  Moreover, it isn’t a school boy fantasy. It’s not simply imagining her wrapping her legs around your waist as you make love. Leg worship is quite common and it includes the very real need to be allowed to worship a woman’s legs. Men will kneel before their leg worship Mistress, patiently awaiting her command to be allowed to touch and caress her lovely legs.



Do Women Enjoy a Man Who Worships Their Legs?


While some women may not understand your desire to worship legs, there are many that do. Further, they know how you need to be treated. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are weak. Actually, quite the opposite is true. To be able to know what it is you truly desire, what turns you on and gratifies you the most, takes a man that is quite secure in his manhood.  To admit his love of a foot and leg fetish, it takes a secure man to follow through on realizing and acting upon his fetish. For the alpha male to lay aside his own dominance, and patiently await permission to show his devotion, takes much more courage than the average male may possess.



Be Patient and Ease Into Your Foot and Leg Fetish


It may take a little time, and a bit of slow encouragement for a woman to understand just how desperately you need to pay homage to her legs. Start off slowly.  Begin at her feet. Perhaps a long foot massage, working your way up to her calves, is a safe start for a beginner. Feel her skin, too. Luxuriate in the The Beginner's Guide to Leg Worshipway her muscles feel as you gently manipulate them. Close your eyes and let your fingers be your guide. You will be able to remember just where the swell of each muscle begins. No need to hurry. Take your time. Allow the feelings to course through your body as you work your way up and over her kneecap until you reach her soft, fleshy thigh.


                                                   Your Excitement Will Become Almost Unbearable


By now you may feel your blood race into your cock, causing it to swell inside of your briefs. Don’t hold in your arousal.  Instead, let her see and feel just how much you are enjoying worshiping her legs and feet. At this time, lower your face close enough to smell her skin.  As you work your way towards her upper thighs, you should be able to smell her arousal as well.



A Leg Worship Mistress Knows Exactly What You Need


A leg worship Mistress will quickly notice your need and desire to worship her legs. She may take complete control of you and she won’t wait until you enter the bedroom for you to begin your adulation. If your Phone Sex Leg Fetish Mistress instructs you to sit on the floor at her feet as she sits on the couch, do so immediately to please her.

At this point, ask her for permission to kiss her calf as you sit on the floor, like a pet, beside her legs. It won’t take long for her to see exactly what you need. Talk to her about it. Yes, initially this may be difficult to put into words, but once she sees how well her slave performs, she will have a better understanding of your needs. Show her how much you want her, and her legs, to gain complete control of you.  No leg worship guide can stress that enough!


Did you enjoy our Beginner’s Leg Worship Guide?

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