What Is a Leg Fetish


Do you have a leg fetish? Some men are highly attracted to a woman’s legs. Some have a certain type of leg they find seductive, whereas others love all female legs.

Leg worship goes beyond being a leg man. It is a craving, a need, and an actual desire to worship the lower limbs of a female body, often similarly including the feet, legs, and ass.


Leg Fetish and Worshiping the Legs


Regarding the shapely swell of well-toned thighs, the soft curve of a calf, whether clad in nylons or seamed stockings, some men cannot control the response they feel at the sight of the female leg. They feel a deep need to touch the legs, as well as to brush their face and their lips across the soft, smooth skin of a woman’s legs.

They also love the feel of legs wrapped around them, holding them captive.  Whether those legs are around their waist, their head, or even just entwined with their own legs, it all fills their need.  A true leg worshiper will spend more time with the lower half of a female’s body than with the upper half, becoming more and more aroused as time passes.


Dominance and Submission In Leg Worship


For some men, body worship, and especially leg worship, is a form of submission. They yearn to kneel or sit before the strong, shapely legs of a dominant woman. A true leg worshiper will beg to be allowed to touch, kiss, and lick the towering limbs.

Some men want nothing more, sexually, than to be able to truly worship at their lady’s feet. Sitting on the floor, head down, they wait for permission to even gaze upon the legs they adore.


Please Your Mistress and You May Receive a Reward


The woman makes demands on the man. She may receive gifts, favors and sexual satisfaction. Accordingly, in return, she “allows” him to worship her legs.

If he is a good leg slave, he will be allowed to touch them or rub his body against them, even licking his cum off her, until performing cunnilingus, bringing her to orgasm. His satisfaction depends solely on hers.



Acknowledge Your Leg and Foot Fetish


Whether the man becomes a slave to the legs, or worships them without control, the feelings and responses to the sight, smell and feel of a woman’s legs are very real. It is part of the man’s sexuality and is as individual as each man. Leg worship, or being a submissive, has nothing to do with whether or not he is truly a man.

A man that is secure enough in his manhood to admit to and act on a leg and foot fetish is most likely just as secure in himself in all aspects of his life. He is probably a very good lover and attentive to those he cares about. Do not be fooled into believing he is weak or insecure.

If you are a man that has such feelings, seek out a leg worship phone sex Mistress who will accommodate you. One who allows you to express yourself as you need. What is one person’s kink is another person’s norm. Consenting adults are just that.  They are free to express their own sexuality and enjoy their leg worship fetish as they see fit.


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