Why Do Men Love Legs?


Men are visual creatures. When asked what part of a woman’s body they love the most, many have stated that a woman’s sexy pair of legs is near the top of their list of most loved and adored areas of the female body.

A large number of men have a foot and leg fetish, which is, oftentimes, not sexually charged at all. Could this possibly be one of the reasons why adult women enjoy wearing high heels? To torture and entice the large number of men who become mesmerized at the sight of a long, shapely pair of sexy legs?


What Do Men Look For In a Sexy Pair Of Legs?


Sexuality between men and women has been studied and debated for years. Among the various topics often discussed, “Why do men love a nice pair of legs?” has been one of them. Throughout the studies, it has been found that men are simply more attracted to women with long, sexy legs.

Aside from the length of a woman’s legs, they also love women with little to no hair on their legs. When they caress the leg of their Mistress or lover, it is preferable that her legs are smooth and silky to the touch.



Proportionate Legs Preferred


Men view the size of a woman’s legs in terms of proportions. Many men have stated that they were not attracted to a woman with extra long or very short legs.  It appears that women with legs that are approximately three to five percent above normal were considered  “just right” by their standards.

The question still remains, what is classified as the “ideal” length? An average woman, five feet four inches tall in height, will have an inseam that is roughly 29 inches in length. Twenty nine inches is solely an average inseam measurement, and in relation to why men love legs, it is not the only characteristic of a sexy pair of legs that men take into consideration when determining if they are attracted to a particular pair of legs.



Why You Love Legs: Toning and Shape


Men love to see a woman who takes pride in her physical appearance. A woman who adheres to a regular work out regimen coupled with a healthy diet. Overall, she cares about her health and physique. Men find toned legs visually appealing.  However, toned does not mean overly muscular.

For instance, a man does not like to feel that his woman would be able to leg press more weight in the gym than he would. On the other hand, long gone are the days where men were only attracted to waif-like, thin women with long, shapeless legs. Men like to see a pair of long, lean, well toned legs with sexy curves.


High Heels and Stockings Add Sex Appeal


High-heeled shoes, such as campy stilettos and thigh-high boots, add an alluring sex appeal to an already fit pair of shapely legs. A woman who wears high-heeled shoes on a regular basis will generally develop a pair of well defined and shapely calves and thighs without much need to spend hours on the Stair Stepper.

High-heels can instantly make her legs look and feel slim and shapely, indeed, with gorgeous, sexy curves.



Why Do You Love Legs?


Do you love a long pair of nylon-covered legs? Or, instead, do you prefer a pair of clean shaven, oiled legs, glistening in the soft light?

We would like to hear about it. We want to hear why you love our legs.  Not to mention, how you would do anything requested,  just to gain the right to worship our legs.

Did you enjoy this article? Give one of our Leg Fetish Mistresses a call, today!

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