Why Men Love Stockings

Leg and stockings fetish Leg Worship (800) 601-6975 Why Men Love Stockings

Men love legs and legs look good in stockings! But, it is certainly a fact that, oftentimes, those very stockings or fishnet pantyhose deprive the man  from touching the legs, the calves, and the thighs of his beautiful leg and foot fetish Mistress. They are the only thing between him and the delicate area he desires.

Every man knows that her lovely legs are there to be seen and admired. If she is wearing seamed nylons or seamed stockings, they add a hint of allure to her already flawless legs. By covering her legs in sheer nylons, it adds a little mystery as to what lies beneath her silken pantyhose.  As a result, it drives men wild with desire.

                                                               Woman’s Legs Attract Adult Men


Some people believe that older men, particularly, favor pantyhose because they clung to their mother’s legs when they were young children. This may have given the young man a feeling of safety and comfort. As a result, he felt secure holding onto her legs. Later in life, women who wore pantyhose or stockings may have brought to the surface those long ago feelings of safety, comfort and security.

Other times, a young man may have first experienced a rush of feeling and emotion at the sight of cheerleaders or dancers wearing their tight, body hugging hosiery. He most likely possessed a wanton need and desire to catch a glimpse of the little briefs they wore underneath their uniform.



Couples Play With Stockings Or Pantyhose


Some couples have discovered that a pair of stockings can add a special, spicy element to their relationship. This might be attributed to the fact that men are very tactile and visual. They love to look at fishnet pantyhose. Furthermore, they love to run the palms of their hands and fingertips over the fishnets. Most men find different stockings add a special, naughty invitation to play from the woman, who appears sexier in her seamed stockings or seamed nylons.

On a special evening when the woman has dressed in her special stockings, the anticipation of returning home to adore and worship her legs adds a great amount of excitement because the gentleman possesses a stronger, burning desire to gaze upon her calves and her lovely thighs.



Embrace Your Foot and Leg Fetish With Stockings and Pantyhose


Many women are learning that they need to add a little spice to their relationship once in a while. This does not mean they must choose special garments for every day of the week. Rather, they should consider buying a few pieces, for example stockings and hosiery, that will add a new energy to your relationship. Talk about your leg worship fetish.  Above all, communicate to her which accessories that she wears that are your favorites.  The ones that make you weak with passion.

Once she becomes aware of your favorite color or favorite texture, she will satisfy you in more ways than one by wearing and talking about the stockings that turn you on the most. Couples can visit specialty shops that offer a variety of stockings and review the inventory together. The man can choose what really turns him on.  At the same time, the woman gains a better understanding of what he really likes.  A wonderful experience for both, especially once you retire to bed for the evening together.


Sleek and Classy Or Hot and Trashy


If you prefer to see your partner wear a pair of black fishnet stockings or a full-coverage pair of pantyhose or thigh high stockings, your sexy minx can be as feminine and classic looking as she chooses.

On the other hand, some men prefer their partner to look like a brazen she-devil to participate in their leg worship fantasy. This adds a great deal of excitement for him, imagining his partner being a dominant leg worship Mistress, barking orders. Of course, he has no choice but to comply. He imagines that he is her personal leg and foot slave.



Know What You Want and Get It


It is important to know and understand your sexual needs and desires. You are drawn to her legs. You become overpowered and excited by your Mistress wearing a sexy pair of stockings or pantyhose. Her heels accentuate the shape of her legs.  Further, you are hypnotized by her power to control your body and your thoughts.  Simply by allowing you to view her in stockings and heels. You love it because you want it. And you want it because you love it. Your foot and leg fetish and your love for hosiery is only the beginning, slave.

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