Worshiping Her Legs While She’s Wearing Stockings and Stilettos

Those perfect arches and long, slender legs are the object of your desire. The extravagent high heels and sophisticated stockings are a dream come true. But how do you make love to the objects of your desire?

Making love doesn’t always have to mean sex. It is any sensual, erotic act between two people. It may be that simply watching her legs is a hugely erotic act for you. Making love should be a slow and sensual process, like a romantic movie building up to the final scene.

To truly make love, both people should be in the right mood. Simple sensual talk can provide the right atmosphere while candles and other romantic props provide a subtley sexy ambiance. Seductively complimenting her outfit or her legs themselves can help put her mind on the right track.


Teasing Her Feet and Legs

Legs and Leg Fetish and Kneeling Leg Worship Mistresses (800) 601-6975Touching is, of course, a very sensual experience. Starting lightly, feeling your fingertips brush over her stocking covered legs helps to build up sexual tension between the both of you. The more you tease, the more you will both be left wanting a little extra. Teasing helps to heighten sensations by denying a full on approach and allowing you to experience the full range of sensation. It is important to know when to proceed as over teasing can be unpleasant for some people.

Touch can be complimented with the varying textures of lips, teeth and tongues. Using them gently and strategically can provide a very intense experience. Try kissing along her legs and giving the softer spots a gentle nibble. Be careful not to damage the stockings or her legs!

If she is wearing shoes with open toes then she may allow you to lick and suck on them. This can be a very erotic feeling as the feet are more sensitive than many people give them credit for. If you like to feel as if she is in control, licking her shoes enforce the submissive role and some may find pleasure in giving them a thorough clean.


Feel Her Legs Pressed Against You

In any bedroom situation, the feel of a woman’s body pressed and rubbing against you is extremely erotic for most men. Legs are no different! Try rubbing her legs against different parts of your body, such as your hips, thighs, chest and neck. You may find it surprising just how good it can feel. If you are feeling adventurous, try rubbing your favorite erogenous zones against her legs and see how fantastic it can feel.

If she is willing, have her place her legs tightly together and choose the most enticing spot. This will usually be between her thighs, where the soft flesh meets, leaving just enough room for you to enter when you are fully aroused. Different stockings will give different sensations and it can be fun to experiment with a few.


Make Love to Her Shoes

If it is your dream to make love to her shoes, you should first ensure they are clean. It is preferable to cover them (or you!) to reduce any health risks. If they are new shoes that have not been worn outside they should still be washed prior to any activities. It is important to be careful when using high heels to avoid any injuries that could arise. Heels are often sharp and it is best to look for ones with rounded edges for erotic play.

Once you have a suitable and clean pair of shoes, you can start to experiment. Some people enjoy placing themselves between the soles, thrusting themselves into pleasure with a new take on the footjob. Others may find it more pleasurable to please themselves over her shoes as she watches. If appropriate shoes are found, it can even be a new experience having her make love to you with the heel of her shoe. It is recommended to buy shoes designed for this purpose.

However you choose to make love to her feet in shoes and stockings, remember that it should be sensual and erotic for both of you. Try activities that the both of you enjoy and your erotic fantasy may come to life in front of you!

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