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Reading for Leg Worshippers, Leg Fetishists, and Leg Lovers. Click the links below to learn all about the leg fetish, leg worship, and more:

Leg Fetish Essays

What, exactly, is a leg fetish? What does it mean to have a leg fetish? Is leg worship and leg fetish the same thing? Read What is a Leg Fetish and Leg Fetish: What is it? to learn the answers.

I did eventually let him worship my legs for hours. He had known that he had a leg fetish for many years and knew what he was doing. Read more about Leg Fetishes and Other Great Things.

Do you find your wife or girlfriend's legs incredibly sexy? Here are 10 Sexy Things to do With a Great Pair of Legs that will have you both incredibly turned on and begging for more before the night is over.

After you've recovered from your 10 Sexy Things to Do with a Great Pair of Legs adventure above, here are 10 More Things to Do with a Sexy Pair of Legs.

Do you prefer long, shapely legs over a nice, shapely ass- or do you appreciate them both? Find out if you are a Leg Man or an Ass Man- or both?

Why do men love legs? There are many speculations, not the least of which, is what they lead to. Of course, that's one reason, but there are lots of reasons in why men love legs and Legs: Why Men Love Them.

What causes men to develop a leg fetish? Can it be pinpointed to one specific event? Learn more about leg fetish origins.

Leg Worship Essays

What is leg worship and what does it entail. Obviously it involves legs, but how do you worship them, exactly? Learn more about the art of Leg Worship and what it involves.

Do you recall the point at which your appreciation for a nice pair of legs turned into an obsession? Are you wondering what it is, exactly, that causes men to develop such a leg fetish that worshipping a sexy pair of legs becomes orgasmic? Read about an introductory leg worship session that one man will never forget!

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about leg worship in the beginner's guide to leg worship.

Submissive men place women on a pedastal and derive great pleasure from serving them by kneeling in front of them and worshipping their legs.

Many men feel they don't deserve the right to worship the legs of their Goddess. The chance to lavish attention and worship on the legs of such a superior creature must be earned. Learn how to how to earn the right to worship her legs.

Ever wonder where the art of leg worship began? Do you find yourself yearning to worship your phone sex Mistress' gorgeous gams but aren't sure where to begin? Learn how to properly worship a sexy set of legs.

Leg Fetish and Leg Worship Stories

Can't get enough Leg Worship and Leg Fetish stories? Read how one woman surprised her leg-lover husband by bringing home a sexy, leggy model wearing stilettos and fishnets, to create a Paris Legventure that won't soon be forgotten.

Have you ever fantasized about being called into the boss' office after work so you could worship and adore those long, shapely legs you've been dreaming about for so long? If so, After Hours Leg and Foot Fetish Romp is just for you!

You know exactly what you enjoy about being a foot and leg slave but are you certain what she enjoys? Read one woman's account of being Married to a Foot and Leg Slave.

The power of a pair of sexy legs is intoxicating and sometimes leads to the most unlikely encounters, as you'll find out in the Mechantic's Leg Worship Encounter.

How I developed my Foot and Leg Fetish. Read first-hand as a foot and leg fetishist discusses the origin of his foot and leg fetish.

Working in an office where women wear dresses and short skirts makes it easy to develop a foot and leg fetish. Looking for any kind of distraction to take your mind off your mundane work, it's easy to begin noticing all the sexy, shapely legs in nylons and heels. Read about one man who developed such a fetish and the first time he was At Her Feet.

Stockings, Shoes, and Hosiery Essays

Many guys who have a leg fetish prefer the legs to be covered in stockings or pantyhose while others prefer to worship them bare. Bare legs or hosiery clad legs- which do you prefer? If you prefer hosiery clad legs, which do you think is sexier- pantyhose or stockings?

Maybe stockings and pantyhose are both sexy depending on the situation. Read more about stockings and pantyhose and which is sexier.

What is it about stockings that really turns men on? Find out why men love stockings.

She's standing in front of you wearing sexy stockings and stilettos and you want nothing more than to make love to those gorgeous legs and feet. Learn how to make love to her feet and legs in shoes and stockings.

More ways to make love to her legs and feet while she's wearing stockings and stilettos.

Never worn stockings before? Or have you tried wearing them but you keep ruining them before you get them on? Put your frustration aside and let the Beginner's Guide to Putting on Stockings tell you exactly how to do it.

The act of putting on stockings can be very erotic and intimate. Whether you're putting stockings on yourself or would like to seduce her by putting on her stockings for her, read how to put on a pair of stockings.

Just about every man would agree that certain types of shoes make legs sexier. Not all men prefer to see legs in the same type of shoe. Find out more about the various types of shoes that make legs sexier.

Read more about sexy shoes and hot legs and what they have in common.

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