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Does your heart begin to race when you hear that distinctive sound of the ~swish~ of silky stockings as I cross my long legs? Do you always turn your head to look when you hear the click, click, click of high heels? When you think of warm weather do you visualize a short sundress, strappy sandals and bare legs? ~grinz~ Of course you do! You know you are a "leg man."

I have great legs! Imagine your finger sliding up those stockings. Am I wearing panty hose or stockings? Don't you want to find out? Maybe you can already tell what I'm wearing because your eyes are on the fully fashioned heel extending up from the back of my stilettos. Your eyes trace up that tantalizing back seam, leading your gaze up and under my flirty skirt.

Maybe my long legs are bare and you can just imagine the seductive scent of my body lotion and soft skin. Do you dream of being allowed to touch my legs? Do you yearn to grind against my calves? I have muscular, sexy calves and strong thigh muscles. After all, it's my years as a swimmer that have given me a body that is strong, long and lean and yet still soft and feminine. That is such a combination, don't you think? ~smiles~

I see you and give you THAT look with a slight smile. I know your secret. That bulge in your pants gives you away. You are already thinking of how you will feel helping me into my stockings ... or sliding my stockings off my long legs. You are aching to feel my soft, firm skin so warm and smooth to the touch. This leg tease free erotic audio gives you an idea of how much I enjoy teasing you with my legs.






$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+