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The kind of man who likes a nice pair of legs is a rare type of man, indeed. And he's always the kind who has excellent taste, to boot.

The leg man is different from his contemporaries, the breast and ass men. Those men go for the obvious, the larger, more standout parts of a woman's body. The flashier parts, the ones that immediately draw the eyes.

The leg man, on the other hand, he goes for a more subtle part of the body, one that's less overtly sexual. It's not a soft, round part that he's after. Oh, no, his preference is a part of the body that's long and lean and sleek, muscular but not bulky, strong in that whipcord sort of way.

A man who likes legs is the kind of man who looks beyond the obvious, the kind of man who seeks out hidden treasures. And this is the kind of man I will allow to worship my body all day long if we both so desire.

A man who loves legs is a man whose attention to detail is impeccable. He's the best of all body worshippers for this very reason. So of course I would be willing to share my long, slim, sexy legs with him all evening long, bare, covered with stockings or pantyhose, or any other way that I choose.

Are you one of these men? Wouldn't you love to show me just how right I am about men like you? Good. All you have to do is call me to prove me right yet again.






$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+