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My legs are long, strong and can wrap around anything. They are so very sexy in stockings and heels, my creamy skin pressed against nylon and my perfectly pedicured toes peeking through the tip of my shoes. I have practiced martial arts and ballet specifically to strengthen my legs, to lengthen them and sculpt my calves into perfectly proportioned limbs of glory.

You exist to worship my legs, to drink them in with your eyes, to stroke your fingers over my calf, while softly kissing my shoe. Close your eyes and feel the curve of my instep, as your hands work your way around my foot, to my ankle, slowly working up, up, up my gorgeous long legs that go on forever.

Who knows how far you may get? Well *laugh* I know. I know exactly how to taunt you to make you so very stiff with just the possibility you might touch them, touch me. After all, my legs do lead up to the ultimate prize, don't they.

Mmmmm I am sitting back in my comfy chair with my beautiful long legs delicately bent, waiting for a good worshipper to come to me and give my legs the admiration they deserve. Such a lucky man this will be. My legs are perfectly sculpted, pampered and positioned to lure you into bliss as you lose yourself in their magnificence.

Are you ready to make your dream cum true?






$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+