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Look at My long beautiful legs. Do you know what's good for Me? Your mouth between My legs licking them. I really enjoy having you between My legs. Your little mouth was meant to worship and adore My toes. Let's start there. I love when your tongue spends a good deal of time between my toes affectionately licking between each toe. Then you can work your way up to My calves. I love having it caressed by your tender fingers. I especially love when you massage My calf. Don't you dare forget to lick My knees!

Most men don't know that a women's knees are very sensitive. I love a man that massages and kisses My knee. Then, don't forget to lick behind my knee. Next move your way up but not too fast. No one likes it when you move too fast. It's best if you just take your time till you get to My thighs. I love having My inner and outer thighs licked till I am screaming for you to stop. You see My legs are a bit ticklish so as much as I love my legs to be worshiped, it also tickles them a bit. If you go too fast you will have Me screaming and cumming all over Myself.

Hmm, maybe that is the point? The point is to get Me to the point that I am a mess of cum. Yes, you can do that to Me by licking and complimenting My legs over and over and over again till we are both well spent. I will be enjoying you soon!







$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+