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Pussy. Ass. Tits. These are the things that guys like to focus on the most. Some guys never understand that a woman's body is more than what's considered her sexual parts. Women feel pleasure when their whole body is engaged.

You understand this don't you? You realize that there are other parts of a woman that are just as sexually exciting. Take for example, my legs. You know, people say that legs are sexy because they lead up to the ass and while that is true, it overlooks one important fact: Legs are sexy on their own.

Whether sheathed in stockings or covered by tight pants, legs have a unique sexual quality that is very arousing. And you know that. While other men may proclaim to be a ass man or a boob man, it's the legs that have always provided that sexual desire to you.

Think of the mere movement of a woman crossing her legs. There's something so erotic in that movement that can't help but make your cock hard.

I've been told that my legs are one of my best features. I love showing them off in sheer stockings or very fitted jeans. I also love showing off my skin, letting you see how smooth and soft it is. I know you just want to put your hands on me and run your fingers up my calf to my thigh or play with my ticklish spot behind my knee.

If you had the choice, you would worship these legs for hours, wouldn't you? You would kiss the insides of my thighs in devotion as the scent of my lust filled your brain and drove you wild.

I want to hear every single one of those fantasies that you have about my sexy legs. And then we can work on making them come true.






$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+