$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+


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I know you love the way I walk in my short, flirty skirts and heels. I dress as I do because I know how this makes men stare, and I love the attention and ability to tease you just by walking. As I stride past you, pausing to crouch to pick up something I "accidentally" dropped, I know you are getting hard just watching me. I can feel you watching me, and I smile!

When I wear my skirts or dresses, I make sure they are appropriately sexy, yet classy. Too short would not catch your eye the way that I dress does! I show enough leg, with my hem stopping an inch above my knee. This lets you know that my legs are long, and go on and on! This hemline accentuates my calf muscles doesn't it? In my sheerest of pantyhose or just my bare legs you feel a need to drink in the look of my lovely, long legs!

How would it feel if you were allowed to worship my legs for hours, to massage them, to kiss them, to simply gaze upon them? I offer you the opportunity to worship my legs! Call 800-505-1678 for the privilege of worshipping my sexy legs right now.






$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+