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I can feel your eyes traveling over the curve of my ankle, my sculpted calf, up my delicious inner thigh and by the look on your face I can see you're transfixed and just can't take your eyes of my legs. Don't worry, you're not alone. For as long as I can remember, men have stared at my long shapely legs. If I'm wearing nylons, lace trimmed thigh highs or opaque tights, the endless gaping at my sleek legs just intensifies. I've literally seen men get a nice bulge in their pants if they catch a glimpse of my garter belt strap or the lacey top of my sheer thigh highs as I cross my legs. When I'm wearing a pair of sky high stilettos that accentuate the arch of my foot, my firm thighs, toned butt or perky breasts, I command every room I walk into. You can't wait to fall to your knees and worship my legs!

I know that in my presence you will blush and squirm trying to hide your hard on. Awkwardly you might take a few steps and accidentally step on my foot. Ouch! Pouting I will massage my bruised toes and you will swiftly fall to your knees and try to help massage my pretty feet as I tell you that you can kiss them and make them feel better. Not believing your luck, you will kiss the tips of my toes on up to the top of my smooth bare feet.

Go ahead, I know you want to look at my pretty painted shell pink toe nails. I've changed into pantyhose and platform heels with a short mini skirt and you kiss my feet all over, moving up to my slim ankles. Perhaps I'll tell you to lay on your back and clean the bottom of my shoes. While you're doing that I'll press my other foot against your swollen cock.

While I massage your dick with one of my high heeled feet I will tell you to unbuckle the straps. You will gingerly slide them off and I will instruct you to kiss and suck my feet, not missing a spot. I'll know if you do and won't be pleased. You take my little toes into your mouth and begin sucking on them. As you run your tongue between each toe you keep going and soon you have half my foot in your mouth. Next you move up to my ankles, calves, my quivering soft and delicious inner thighs?

Want to have a mind blowing Leg Worship fantasy with me? I thought so.






$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+