$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+


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What do you really know about pleasing a long-legged, perfectly curvaceous body that requires a perfect balance of leg worship and appreciation? Probably nothing. But, you'll have to learn because I demand that my long, luscious legs be absolutely ravaged by eyes and words, at least once a day. I'm going to have you take down my leggings... slowly...while you keep that hard cock wrapped up inside your pants. I'll have you put on some warm coconut oil all over my thighs and calves...all the way down to my ankles. After you have properly worshipped, caressed and massaged my legs for days, I'm going to only pull out the tip of your cock so I can squash it a bit with the back of my dirty heel before I let a few strokes slip in-between my toes just to let you know that good little boys, that follow Tabetha's rules, possibly get something. Just typing this up has my pussy so fucking wet, I bet I could get pussy juice all over my four fingers and wipe it directly on that hard cock and proceed to slide that juicy prick around the back of my knees and again, in between my toes. Now, I'm going to grip that cock with my toes before I shove you back with them, seeing you flailing, aghast with flushed, red cheeks not knowing what I'll do next. Luckily, I'm wearing my super-short shorts and that makes jacking off your cock in between the space of my thighs easier than it would otherwise. That's right, pour more warm coconut oil in your hands and slather it all over my long, mountains of legs and see if you can get that dick of yours in between my perfectly taut legs, even as I'm squeezing them tighter and tighter. As your head starts turning purple, from being unable to enter my pursed lips in between my legs, I throw you a bone and loosen up my anaconda-like grip on my legs just so you can have a few strokes before I chastise you and tell you to close up your jeans and put that cock away.

And just as you are about to walk away, head tucked in shame, I grab you by the neck and bring you to your knees as I break that ugly, stupid belt of yours on the way to getting complete control of that nearly blue-balled dick of yours in my hands. As soon as that happens, yup, you guessed it, I'm spitting on that cock and wrapping my ridiculously long thighs and proceed to bounce-up-and-down on that rod until your dick coughs up that tasty fluid that we all know you'll be licking up, because you're a good little pussycat and pussycats do what I tell them.






$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+