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Everyone notices her when she walks into the room, long sexy legs with very sheer black silky stockings and those 5" cum fuck me stilettos. Her dress is short but not trashy; just the right length to show off a little of those sexy thighs that she has worked so hard to keep in shape. She sits down at a table in the club and crosses her legs, which causes her dress to ride up just a little more, teasing you and pleasing your eye.

She starts gently bouncing her right foot making sure that every man that can see her is looking in her direction, knowing that she is captivating their mind and making their bodies respond in different ways. She watches as a few of them start fumbling and pretend like they are not staring at her but she knows and she turns on even more of her subtle charm. The drinks start coming her way as the men show their desire to please her and make contact with her. She lets down her guard and invites one of them to sit with her at her table. As they start to talk they both loosen up and begin to relax. She takes his hand in hers and brings it under the table and places it on her thigh as she looks into his eyes, he starts running the palm of his hand up and down that beautiful, perfect leg over those silky stockings.

They end up back at her place and the leg worshiping really begins. As she sits on the couch he slides off her stockings and starts massaging her feet moving slowly up those long legs not missing a spot. He raises up and the tip of his hard throbbing cock touches her calf and she can feel his pre cum oh her soft skin. He places it between her lower thighs and she clasps them tight around his hardness as he starts to grind. She loves using her legs to tease and please men and he is the one that she chose to be her little squeeze toy that night. His body starts to writhe and spasm as he shoots his warm cum between her luscious legs and lets out a hot sexy moan. Her pleasure is the feel of his hot sticky load and the wetness of his tongue when she makes him lick it off of her thighs and then starts lapping at her tight little pussy.

Well those long, lean sexy legs once again got her what she desired and it won't be the last time.






$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+