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Hi I'm Ms. Lisa, your Femme-Fatale Mistress.

There's something about a nice, long, shapely pair of legs that just does something for you, isn't there? Your cock starts getting a bit stiff just at the thought. And I'm sure all you can picture in your head is how badly you want to fall to your knees and worship.

So will I let you? Well, maybe.

But first I'm going to tease you like crazy.

Those of you who have a nylon fetish will love the way my legs look in my favorite pair of stockings. And those of you who don't have one may very well develop one after you see how good my stockings look on me. Whether you've got a fetish or not, you'll still love the way it feels when I trail my nylon-covered toes over your body, teasing you and making you beg to be allowed to touch me for yourself. And if your begging pleases me enough, I'll let you worship me. You can do it with the stockings or without, or even both ways. As long as you are appreciative, I'll allow you to kiss my feet and worship my legs. You can stay down there on your knees for as long as you like.

But will I let you cum? Oh, that's another story altogether. You'll likely get a stocking-foot footjob, or I may let you slide your cock between my legs while you're on your knees but as to whether I'll let you have your little orgasm and then lick the evidence up? Maybe I will, but I would advise you not to hold your breath.






$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+