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You know why my skirt is so short, don't you? "Less is more" does not apply to displaying my exquisite legs. Make no mistake, when I wear a skirt like that it is undeniably for my teasing pleasure. Or should that be...your viewing torture?

You think they look amazing? Mm, you should *feel* them lean, supple muscles encased in soft skin. When I cross my legs and dangle a cute sandal off my toes, does it make you want to drop to your knees to kiss the crease of my knees? Would those lips and tongue work their way down to my delicate ankle before traveling all the way up to the hem of that little skirt? I can feel the heat of your ragged breath, the press of your erection. I'm feeling generous...I'll let you set it free from your pants and brush that hard shaft against the sweet curve of my calf. That feels so good, I have to tug my little skirt just a bit higher so I can feel the rasp of your whiskers against the tender flesh of both of my inner thighs at the same time... it's like my legs are a pair of arrows pointing the way to heaven.

Would nylons make this hotter? I love teasing a stocking-lover in public by crossing and uncrossing my legs and watching him strain to hear the slither of nylon against nylon. If you're lucky I'll slip my foot out of my peep-toes and slide it up the leg of your trousers until you can feel my stockinged toes gliding over the crisp hairs on your leg.






$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+