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Hello there all you leg men !!!

You have indeed found the right lady, Gracefully tall, with legs that will surely take your very breath away!

Toned and conditions by years of yoga and dancing, swimming and biking! I will very much need YOUR strong hands giving me hours and hours of massage, up and down my slender, long and strong legs.

My legs are not only a thing of divine beauty! I love parading them around, strolling up and down my loft in striking heels and stockings, BUT NOTHING ELSE... You will be mesmerized and driven to unabashed waves of lust as I tease you with my long practiced perfect strides.

My beautiful porcelain stems are also almost freakishly strong, and I can balance myself with superhuman precision...

Did I mentioned that I am also Ambidextrous? Believe me, that it will come in handy. Or leggy as it were. =)

I absolutely LOVE it when a man can appreciate my long sculpted legs, I am five ten, and adore very high heels.

My skin is smooth to perfection. My feet themselves are delectable and sensitive and demand worship, reverence, devotion and adoration.

You may see me sit upon my throne, with a micro skirt and stilettos, my lilly white skin glowing and fragrant. I will command you to approach me and begin your leg worship session, as I expertly tease you with my perfect dancer legs control and dexterity.

I will take your breath away with the curves of my calves ~ I will astound you with the fluidity and strength of my long slender thighs ~

If you are oh so lucky, I will wrap my long, beautifully sculpted legs forever around your body. your waist, your face!!!

Do you think you can handle it? Being totally devoted to my legs, needing them and me in your life, pacing like a celestial slender long legged creature of legends that is Alina Sky.

I will tantalize you with my beauty and mischievously arouse you with every inch of my yoga trained legs and strong graceful feet.

I can create a complete leg heaven FOR YOU AND I.

Prepare yourself for an experience you will never forget. Let my graceful seductive image and scrumptious looooong legs wrap themselves around you!

Find me and let us soar and fly... Your legs Forever Goddess, so please drop by, Heels and stockings my oh my

Legs forever... with Alina Sky.






$2.75 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+