How To Worship Her Feet When She’s Wearing Stockings


Let’s talk about how to worship stocking feet. You’ve worshiped her bare feet many times. You’ve followed the “10 things to do with a sexy pair of feet” and massaged her feet, polished her toes and pretty much everything else on the list.

You enjoyed doing each of those things, but now you’d like to worship her feet while she’s wearing stockings and you don’t know where to begin. Lucky for you, we do. Keep reading for more ideas on how to worship her legs and feet while she’s wearing stockings.


Stocking Feet Leg and Foot Worship


Stockings really showcase a pair of long, shapely legs, so why stop at worshiping just her feet when she’s wearing them? Why not worship her entire leg and foot? A good way to begin is to have her stand in front of you while you kneel at her feet.

Start with her toes and the tops of her feet, and gently rub your fingertips up over the feet, past the ankles and the shins, up past the knee, to the thigh. Circle around the lace at the top of the stockings and rub your hand back down past that soft spot behind the knee, past the calf, past the ankle, and back down to the foot.

Next, rub the palm of your hand over the same area, followed by your nails on the next go round. By this time, she will be all worked up and probably direct you in some things she’d like for you to do. But if she doesn’t, start again at her toes, but this time, use your lips. Kiss your way over the tops of her feet. Go all the way up the front of her thigh, around and back down the back of her thigh to her foot, again.


Massage Her Stocking Feet


Next, have her sit down and you sit on the floor in front of her. Have her place her feet in your lap so you can massage them. Start with the toes and trace your fingers around the outline of the toes, in between them, through the stockings.

Next, take your thumbs and rub the pad of her foot in a circular motion for a few minutes.  Now work your way back over the arch and back to the base of the heel.


Masturbate To Them and Cum On Them


Once you’ve massaged her feet, grab them at the ankle, and rub them over your cock and balls to get yourself hard (if you aren’t already) so you can masturbate for her, while telling her how beautiful her feet are. When you get ready to cum, cum right on her foot, even though she’s wearing stockings.

Without a word, as soon as you finish cumming, lean forward and lick her foot clean. The sensation, of the warm cum as it tries to ooze through the stockings and your tongue as it eagerly cleans up the mess you made, will get her all worked up, even more than she already is!

Take this opportunity to lick the soles of her feet through the stockings. Lick and suck her toes, even through the stockings. Maybe even take the stockings off.  Lick them clean in front of her, while you continue worshiping her bare feet. Make a show of putting the stockings back on her after you’ve cleaned them off.  Then thank her for the pleasure of being allowed to serve her.

Be careful, she may make you start all over again!


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